Summing Up the Toxicity in Relationships Ft. Dino James Boyfriend

Written by Punit Garg
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Dino James is a rapper and singer from India. He has released a new song called “Boyfriend Part 1” by Ft. Benafsha Soonawalla. Boyfriend is a song in which Dino James depicts the insecurities and poison a person might have in a relationship and the pain that can result from falling too deeply into that pit of insecurity. Many people have to deal with this unpleasant fact.

Boyfriend Lyrics

Kabhi Woh Bahut Hot Lagti
Kabhi Kuchh Zyada Hi Cute
Par Main Ek Small Town Ladka
Yeah I’m Trying To Be The Dude

Haan Main Jaanta Hoon Ache Se
Ki Woh Zyada Hai Masoom
Par Pata Nahi Mujhe Khud
Cheezon Ka Kyun Chahun Main Proof

Achha Lag Raha Hoon Na
Check Karta Rehta
Jab Bhi Uske Sath

Koyi Hans Toh Nahi Raha Mujhpe
Uda Toh Nahi Raha Mazaak
Bas Sehma Sehma Rehta Hoon
Aur Rehta Hoon Ghabraye

Chahta Hoon Har Pal Mujhse
Bole You’re My Perfect Guy

Kuch Gadbad Hai Humesha
Kehta Rehta Hai Yeh Dimaag
Rehta ? Aur Dhoondhun
Uske Character Pe Daag

Humesha Rakhna Chahun Paas
Aur Karta Rehta Hoon Shinakht
Pakdun Main Range Haath
Dhoondhta Rehta Hoon Main Chance

Kaise Mere Bin Samajh Nahi Aata
Hans Leti Hai Woh
Main Toh Uske Bin Har Kisi Ko
Bas Keh Deta Hoon No

Miss Karta Hoon Usko Roz
Bas Karta Nahi Hoon Main Show
Message Ka Wait Karta Hoon
Taaki Main Kar Paaun Ignore

Hum Saath Hai Phir Bhi Lagta Hai
Tujhe Karta Hoon Main Chase
Kabhi Mujhe Apni Lagti
Kabhi Lagti Hai Guest

Kaash Yeh Saare Thes
Tujhe Bata Paaun Main Bebes
I Wish Tujhe Rakh Paaun Main
Saja Ke In A Case

Tujhe Rakhna Main Chahun
Duniyan Se Mehfooz Kyun
Bann Gaya Hoon Main
Sehma Sa Jasoos Kyun

Khud Ke Lagaye Iss Aag Se
Mujhe Tu Bacha Le

Gadhta Hoon Kaisi Bhi
Azeeb Si Story Main
Karne Laga Hoon Khud Se Hi
Munh Zori Main

Main Karta Hoon Tere Hawale

Shayad Bhool Nahi Pa Rahi Ex Ko
Aur Bhoola Nahi Pa Rahi Past
Shayad Ab Bhi Uske Touch Mein Hai
Chhupa Rahi Hai Koi Raaz

Uske Saamne Normal Rehta Hoon
Pehna Rehta Sau Mask
Phir Insta Mein Uske Ghus Ke
Karta Rehna Hoon Jaanch

Koshish Karta Rehta
Uske Phone Ka Kaise Kholun Lock
Phat Ke Hath Mein Aa Jaati Hai
Jab Phone Aata Hai Switch Off

She Must Be Riding With Her Boss
Aise Khwaab Dete Khauf
Sunghun Chupke Uske Saare
Pehne Utre Tops

Humesha Kehti Mera Bhai Hai
Wo Hara*zaada Sid
Uske Messages Galti Se
Maine Kar Liye The Read

Hey Sid! Can We Speak
When Dino Goes To Sleep
Mujhpe Kar Rahi Thi Woh Cheat
Wo Hara*zaadi B*tch


Jab Bann Thann Jaaye Tu
Confirm Hai Launde
Hardum Kahenge Tere Laayak Hoon

Concern Hai Genuine Humdum
Tabhi Toh Beta Rai Doon
Kam Dam Dhamkate Hai Brahmdutt
Pee Ke Tight Hoon

Mangharant Likhe Saare Granth
Usmein Hai Daayan Tu
Manthan Karta Hoon Aur Satsang
Uski Wajah Hai Tu

Constant Khayalon Ke Ghar Par
Yeh Wapas Aaye Kyun
Lakshan Hai Sab Jan Kahenge
Mujhe Saare Psycho

Tujhe Rakhna Main Chahun
Duniyan Se Mehfooz Kyun
Bann Gaya Hoon Main
Sehma Sa Jasoos Kyun

Khud Ke Lagaye Iss Aag Se
Mujhe Tu Bacha Le

Gadhta Hoon Kaisi Bhi
Azeeb Si Story Main
Karne Laga Hoon Khud Se Hi
Munh Zori Main

Main Karta Hoon Tere Hawale


Main Tere Ko Saari Raat
Phone Try Kar Raha Tha
Kahan Gayi Thi Tu?

I Slept Early Bebe
Par Subah Se Tu Pee Raha Hai Kyun
Chal Saali Pr*stitute
Door Reh Mujhse Samjhi Na Tu

Arey Par Hua Kya Hai
What The F*ck Is Wrong With You?

Batao Inke Pyar Mein Pada Tha
Aur Yeh Khel Rahi Thi Games

Mere Naam Se Joda Name Aur
Kahin Aur Ho Rahe Kapde Change
Shut The F*ck Up

Do You Even Know
What You’re Saying?
You Shut The F*ck Up
Mera Naam Ab Apne Munh Se
Lena Nahi Again

Arey Par Hua Kya Hai
Mujhe At Least Batayega Kya Tu
Tera Phone Dekha

Sid Ke Sath Mast
Macha Rahi Hai Na Tu
Oh My God!

Aur Dekha Saamne Aa Hi Gaya Na
Beta End Mein Truth
Achha Karta Hoga Smooch
Aur Tu Bhej Rahi Hogi Nudes

I Can’t Believe It
Sid Mera Bhai Hai

Achha Bhai Ke Saath Mein
So Kar Aayi Hai
Sahi Hai Beta Sahi Hai
Shut Up Shut Up
Shut Up D

Teri Soch Kitni Ghatiya Hai
Tu Ganda Hai Chhi

You Know What Teri Galti Nahi Hai
It’s Really Not Your Fault
Tum Saare Saale Same Ho
Damn You F*ck You All

Mujhe Teri Soch Pe
Jaane Kyun Taras Aata Hai D
You Don’t Need A F*cking Partner
You Need A F*cking Doll

Tere Baap Dada Ne Daali Hai
Tere Andar Gandi Soch
Bas Yahi Tumhara Make Hai
This Is You Genetic Code

Now Don’t You F*cking Touch Me
Leave Me Mujhe Chhod
Tere Shak Aur Insecurity Ka
Nahi Hai Koi Tod

Girls Ko Product Samajhte Hain
Almost Saare Men
Par Tu To Ek Dum Perfect Tha Na

Matlab Jo Bhi Toone Kiya Tha
Woh Kar Raha Tha Pretend
Main Paagal Thi Jo Soch Rahi Thi
Ki My D Is Different

Haan Main Sid Se Raat Bhar
Chupke Chupke Baatein Karti Thi
Tujhe Propose Karne Ka Idea
Koyi Lag Nahi Raha Tha Thik

Par Tu Shak Mein Itna Andha Tha
Obviously You Can’t See
Ki Ghar Pe Maine Bol Diya Hai
Will You Marry Me!

A strong message to stop toxicity

Dino James sends a powerful message through this song: “If this is what people encounter, it best for both parties to walk away. Stress and poison are never acceptable. Dino James composed the song and collaborated with Bluish Music and Sez on the beat. Bluish Music and Sez produced the music, and Abhishek Ghatak handled the mixing and mastering.


How can toxicity impact a relationship?

One or both parties in a toxic relationship exhibit reactive behavior and have poor communication. These troublemakers exacerbate existing problems while also creating new ones. When one or both partners are toxic, problems like overthinking and anger develop because neither side takes responsibility for the disagreement.

A relationship that turns toxic may not have always been that way. A relationship that once brought happiness can quickly become a source of emotional and mental exhaustion. On the other hand, a positive connection is energizing rather than draining.

How to deal with toxicity?

Some people find that getting out of a bad relationship is the greatest way to deal with it. When it starts hurting your health and happiness, it’s time to end the connection. Recognize your value, take precautions, and seek assistance immediately if you are a victim of abuse.

Consult a therapist for guidance in developing a safe escape strategy. Breaking up is never easy, but if you’ve tried couples therapy, shown tolerance, and tried to improve the relationship but are still unhappy, it might be time to go on. It may take some time to accept that you and a certain person are not a good fit. Ending a relationship can be complicated, but working with a therapist to sift through the issues can be beneficial.


Wrapping Up

If the abusive or controlling partner has no intention of improving their behavior, the victim should be encouraged to leave the relationship. It would be best to convince them that getting out of this destructive relationship is the best option for their future happiness. Emotional and physical well-being should be a shared priority. Maintaining firm limits is crucial.