10 Easy and Stylish Festive Outfits for Men Breaking Away from Traditional Wear Trends

Written by Chitra
10 Easy and Stylish Festive Outfits for Men


Festive occasions often bring with them the joy of dressing up, but not everyone is a fan of the traditional ethnic wear that’s commonly associated with such events. If you’re a guy who prefers to reject the conventional ethnic wear trend and seek a more contemporary and effortless style for festivities, this blog is for you. We’ve curated a list of 10 fashionable and comfortable festive looks that allow you to stand out while staying true to your style.

1. Crisp White Shirt with Chinos:

Pair a classic white shirt with well-fitted chinos for a clean and sophisticated look. Add a statement belt and stylish loafers to elevate the outfit.


2. Kurta with Denim Jeans:

Combine a short kurta with slim-fit denim jeans for a fusion look that balances tradition and modernity.

3. Nehru Jacket with T-Shirt:

Layer a Nehru jacket over a plain or graphic t-shirt for a casual yet stylish ensemble. It’s a versatile choice that’s both comfortable and chic.

4. Tailored Blazers with Trousers:

Opt for a tailored blazer in a rich, festive color like deep maroon or royal blue and pair it with well-fitted trousers. This ensemble exudes sophistication.

5. Printed Shirts with Linen Pants:

Choose a printed shirt with subtle festive motifs and pair it with comfortable linen pants for a laid-back yet stylish look.

6. Polo Shirt with Shorts:

If you’re celebrating in warmer weather, a polo shirt paired with tailored shorts and boat shoes creates a relaxed yet stylish outfit.

7. Mandarin Collar Shirt with Slim-fit Pants:

A Mandarin collar shirt is a unique twist on traditional wear. Pair it with slim-fit pants and leather sneakers for a contemporary look.

8. Vibrant Sneakers with Monochrome Outfit:

Make a statement with colorful sneakers that contrast against a monochrome outfit. It adds a touch of festivity without going overboard.

9. Lightweight Nehru Kurta with Chinos:

Opt for a lightweight Nehru kurta in breathable fabric paired with chinos for a breezy and comfortable festive look.

10. Graphic Tees with Cargo Pants:

For a more casual and youthful vibe, wear a festive-themed graphic tee with cargo pants and sneakers. It’s a fun and laid-back choice.


Who says you have to conform to the traditional ethnic wear trend to look festive and stylish during special occasions? These 10 effortless festive looks for men provide you with a range of options to express your personal style while still embracing the festive spirit. Whether you prefer a fusion of traditional and modern elements or opt for a casual and relaxed approach, these outfits will help you stand out and enjoy the festivities comfortably. Remember, it’s not just about what you wear; it’s about how confidently you wear it that truly defines your style.