Top 8 Online Platforms That Made Game-Based Learning Solutions

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Game-Based Learning Solutions


Gamification is gaining popularity among different learning and training programs. Hence, many businesses are preferring to partner with the leading businesses focusing on adding game-like elements to their modules. Thanks to the popular game-based learning solutions, it is easy for you to unlock the potential of gamified learning for your students or trainees.

So today, let us focus on understanding the details of the learning solutions focusing on gamification. We’ve prepared a well-researched list of the top eight online platforms that have used gamification in their learning or training programs.

What are game-based learning solutions

This is an innovative learning approach focusing on the addition of different game-like elements to elevate the learning experiences. The game-based learning solutions unlock the potential of the games to create a student-friendly learning environment without hampering the effectiveness of learning. Hence, students want to participate in the solutions that offer learning in fun-filled and enjoyable methods.

The key elements of the learning methods using gamification are:

After having a quick overview of these learning solutions, below are the top and best eight options in the leading platform offering these solutions:

Game-based learning motivates the students to remain engaged in the learning programs by using the elements of fun and competition. Further, these are highly enjoyable and entertaining.

Learning using gamification adopts the strategy of simulations. Hence, the real-time scenarios are quickly replicated creating an amazing hands-on experience for training-savvy fields. It covers aviation, engineering, oil, gas, and other intensive industries.

The game-based learning quickly adapts to the learner’s style. Hence, the high levels of personalization offered by gamification serve the learner’s needs and possible issues.

It is easy for the best game-based learning solutions to offer interesting learning sessions. The learner engagement increases with active participation, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities.

Feedback and progress tracking
It is easy for the trainers to offer quick and real-time feedback on the student’s progress using gamification learning. Hence, it becomes simple to add the necessary changes and keep the learning updated and highly dynamic.

The concept of storytelling takes away the problem of understanding difficult concepts in gamification learning. Creating a narrative helps make the learning memorable and increases the overall knowledge retention capabilities.

It is easy for the learning organizations to increase the social interaction and teamwork among learners. It helps in creating a sense of learning community and shared learning.

Top and best 8 online platforms offering game-based learning solutions

Minecraft: Education Edition
It is popular for the sandbox game and adopts the same in the learning programs. It creates a virtual environment for quick collaboration, exploration, and problem-solving abilities.

Some of the key features of Minecraft: Education Edition covers:
1. It offers an immersive and unique method for knowledge sharing and application.
2. It promotes teamwork, critical thinking, and creative learning.
3. Trainers get the benefits of evaluation tools, educational maps, and lesson plans for monitoring student progress.

It helps learners understand mathematics using an immersive world with curriculum-aligned content. Learners solve the problems, earn rewards, and then progress through the mathematics program.

Some of the key features of Prodigy are:
1. It offers several mathematics topics and grading levels.
2. It is easy for the teachers to offer detailed reports for tracking individual student progress.
3. It helps trainers identify the possible areas of improvement for the students.

Third on our list of the best game-based learning solutions, is DragonBox. It is a popular platform to learn mathematics concepts using puzzle-solving methods.

Some of the key features of DragonBox are as follows:
1. It is suitable for learners from different backgrounds and ages.
2. It helps in a deep understanding of the mathematics concepts by introducing them in a fun-filled and engaging way.
3. It allows the best progression of different applications for different mathematics levels.

Moving ahead, Classcraft is a popular game-based learning platform where students earn points based on academic achievements and positive behavior.

Some of the key features of Classcraft are:
1. It converts the learning experiences into a collaborative adventure while improving student engagement and motivation.
2. It offers different features like a virtual currency system, quests, and character customization.
3. It allows trainers a customized platform to create their game-based learning sessions.

Next on our list is Kahoot! It is a leading platform allowing the trainers to create, share, and play different learning games. It offers amazing quiz-based games for reinforcing education on different topics.

Some of the key features of Kahoot! are:
1. It creates versatile learning solutions for different institutes.
2. It supports students from different subjects and age groups.
3. It allows trainers to create their content, uses a premade library of quizzes, and offers a user-friendly interface.

It is another popular platform offering game-based learning solutions. It is easy to participate in the quizzes using games and help in individual or multiplayer mode participation for effective learning.

Some of the key features of Quizizz are:
1. It offers engaging learning experiences playfully.
2. It helps the institutes to reinforce their learning objectives.
3. It offers a vast question bank for different subjects, personalized options, and gamified quizzes.

Towards the end, CodeCombat is a leading platform allowing the addition of gamification in learning sessions. It helps learners to understand basics and advanced levels of coding using interactive and game-based learning.

Some of the key features of CodeCombat are:
1. It caters to learners from different age groups.
2. It supports multiple programming languages and helps engage students in game-like experiences.
3. It offers a range of coding exercises, real-time feedback, and a dedicated storyline.

Last but not least on our list of the top online platforms for game-based learning services is Duolingo. It is a popular language learning platform using game-like elements for understanding new languages.

Some of the key features of Duolingo are:
1. It allows a mobile-friendly learning platform with quick support for different languages.
2. It encourages constant learning and offers a personalized learning approach.
3. It allows learning solutions to quickly adapt to the learner’s requirements.

Key Takeaways

Game-based learning is revolutionizing the learning and training delivery. It is easy for the learners to participate in these programs and get the best out of these sessions. A quick list of the top and best eight platforms further ensures that it is easy for businesses to partner with them to introduce gamification in their learning programs.