Styling Tips for Wearing Print Shirts

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Styling Tips for Wearing Print Shirts


The print shirts have a wide range of stylish options which makes it easy to wear the same T-shirt to different occasions, seasons, and body types. What has become evident in all this is that your preferred print can be colorful in a geometric design, a classic floral, or a traditional print Bagru shirt to enable you to feel and look your best.

1. Casual Occasions

The stylish casual outfit is, which is when your print shirt is paired with jeans and chinos for everyday wear. A Bagru print shirt is surely a piece of casual wear that gives your appearance a hint of artisanal magnificence. Create contrast with a shirt by choosing black pants or a skirt. Finish off the ensemble with the shoes that are causal such as sneakers or loafers.

2. Office Wear

Organizational work-appropriateness can be transformed by printing shirts as well, provided that they are stylized in the right way. Opt for undertshells that have resound sophistication and are not mostly conspicuous. For example, a Bagru shirt men can be a wearable garment with a balanced mix of a unique and formal look at stake. Wear it with trousers that have a customized fit or a blazer.

3. Formal Events

For formal occasions, in particular, choose more ornate print shirts, built of chic patterns and materials. Floral or abstract prints in darker hues might also be effective. A printed shirt in Bagru style, with its very beautiful patterns, can vee highly as a talk-piece at formal meetings. It goes well with a suit, a jacket, that hangs perfectly, and some polished shoes to lift your appearance.

4. Body Types

Slim Build: Larger prints, bolder hues, and/or chunkier frames will enhance the aesthetic of your facial features. (_Form a pattern wide enough_, Bagru printed shirts are advisable to correct a silhouette that is not balanced).

Athletic Build: Style most of the prints, but watch your print shirts as it hugs around your body. After all, you want to show off your body shape and proportions. Simultaneously create shapes and prints which shall make your narrow shoulders and stretch your waist.

Heavier Build: Prefer vertical stripes or pattern sized for narrow line to have shapely effect. In addition, darker colors can be used to enhance the appearance of different body shapes. [A Bhurga shirt can be considered both stylish and flattering in that it has subtly designed patterns. ]

5. Seasonal Styling

Spring/Summer: Breathable and light materials together with the fresh hues and happiness prints, are great ones. Enough to the summer heat, the light-weight prints shirts, particularly with the plants, island, or the flowers, will be a good of warm weather. A Bagru print shirt made of lightweight cotton can safe you from sweat as well as from temperature-related emergencies.

Fall/Winter: Choose the darker colors and heavier fabrics like vinyl and wool for more serious looks. Deep-down sleeved print shirts can be worn with a cardigan then can be top up with a jacket with a collar. A Bagru shirt could be men’s catch in darker hues, combined with a warm sweater, which creates a harmonic look with the chic style.

6. Accessorizing

Accessories are those items that should be worn where they can bring the best out of you without you wearing too much with a print shirt. For example:

Belts: Whether you are enthusiastic about prints or not, a classic leather belt in a neutral color will simply match the print shirt.

Watches: The minimal, classy watch creates an auspicious and toned-down element thus, not interfering with the pattern.

Footwear: Foster a harmonious look on your outfit and match your shoes to fit the event & same thing. Tones with no emotion are suitable footwear with a myriad of printed shirts.

7. Mixing and Matching

On the contrary, the task of mixing different prints can be challenging; on the bright side, it can be entertaining and a better way of demonstrating your fashion preferences. Swap a printed shirt for a solid-colored or very subtle pattern stand-alones. Look daring and pair up your Bagru print t-shirt with a different print but make sure the colors of both pattern match.

Final Tips

Confidence: However, be confident to wear your print shirt boldly. Failure to achieve this goal results simply in losing all the shots and producing a product that fits but does not feel good.

Balance: Now, to complete the look, keep the rest of your outfit neutral to let the print shirt to be the onlooker’s spotlight.

Fit: It is vital to provide accurate sizes for your shirt. The quality of print fabric is not assesable since the shirt does not fit a model.

The following tricks can be applied to shirts of any designer to wear these shirt designs for daily errands, office-wear or official events. Thus, you will be able to utilize these designs. Cherish the unique sensation of a Bagru print shirt to infuse some of tradition and artistry within your every day attire.