Printed Kurta: A Timeless Fusion of Tradition and Style

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Printed Kurta: A Timeless Fusion of Tradition and Style


The Kurta is very attractive depicting the Indian heritage combined with fashionable designs that are produced by means of Bagru Print. Bagru printing plays a distinctive and unique role in India’s centuries-old culture that stems back to the ancient village of Bagru in Rajasthan. Bagru printing is a process that produces earthy pastel shades and detailed designs in clothing and kurtas making it a favourite amongst the fashion industry because of its handcrafted nature.

What is Bagru Print?

Bagru print is a specific method of hand block printing used to apply natural dye to fabric using printing blocks. This was a traditional technique over 300 years back and well rooted in its origin in the state of Rajasthan. The process of dyeing starts by first making the fabric especially cotton clean from any impurity with the help of a mixture of water as well as some natural products. A quick search for ways wool is dyed led me to understand that the natural color of wool is white and after harvesting the fabric is then dyed using colour pigments obtained from plants, flowers and minerals. Designs are then created on wooden blocks via carving and made to dip in dye for stamping on the fabric and making quite beautiful and accurate patterns from them.

Why I enjoy wearing Bagru Print Kurtas

Bagru print kurtas are exclusive in their colors, being made of natural earthy shades and typically showing floral and geometric prints. The kurtas are also built in a way that they evoke that sense of craftmanship that is not present in the mass produced clothing. Shapes and shades of fabric designed through Bagru printing are soft and subtle in texture and color and remain undated thus remain suitable for almost all occasions. They can be worn for informal get together as well as formal conferences depending on the type of kurta they wear.

Bagru Print Kurtas: Reasons for preferring them

The Rajasthani Lehenga Choli is not only an essential fashion aspect but also a culturally symbolic ensembles that forms a part of traditions, ceremonies, and festivities. Every region of Rajasthan has its own kind of Lehenga Choli ensemble different from the other that captures the cultural spirit of the area.

Cultural Heritage: The kurta with Bagru print is, therefore, the first symbol of history that one wears. The designs and techniques involved in making Bagru prints are an authentic piece of Indian art and hence, the customer feels that they are linking with a true part of India.

Eco-Friendly: This form of printing is unique because it uses natural dyes which means that it is eco-friendly. The Bagru print kurtas for men’s are ideal for those who want to embrace the green agenda and be aware of fashion conscious lifestyle.

Unique Designs: The kurta is unique in every aspect as it’s made by handmade kurtas for Bagru prints. The prints and stitches are designed in such a way by the manufacturer so that the design of every kurtia is unique from the other.

Versatility: Print kurtas from Bagru should fit any occasion and can be worn with pants or jeans, depending on the occasion. Wear them with jeans for casual daywear or with traditional Indian clothing for a formal occasion.

Bagru Printed Kurtis Online

The equivalent of Bagru printed kurtis can now be found online in the digital age of the internet. There are several websites providing Bagru print kurtis through e-commerce, online stores and even boutiques, and you only need to simply visit their website to view the dresses and order them. Today one would find numbers of online destinations that offer customers to choose from numbers of kurta & kurti styles.

Here are some tips for shopping Bagru printed kurtis online:

Check the Authenticity: Check whether the website or the seller of Bagru kurtis is trustworthy and whether the Bagru printed kurtis are authentic. It is better to obtain customer feedback and ratings for understanding the authenticity and quality of the products.

Explore Different Styles: The designs of the Bagru print kurtis vary from A-line to straight cut to Anarkali kinds. Experimentation with styles and test out which one flatters or is most desirable for your body type.

Pay Attention to Fabric: The Bagru print can be done only on fabric of cotton network; however there are kurtis prepared from materials like silk or chiffon or such other constituents. Pick the fabric that you are comfortable with and that is suitable for the occasion either for the reception or for the wedding gown.

Size and Fit: Please check the size guide on the website of the seller to avoid size mistakes. Customers can purchase bagru print kurtis in regular measurements from some stores; alternatively, there are those that may allow custom tailoring.

Designing the Cultured Kurtas and Kurtis from Bagru

Bagru print kurtas and kurtis lend a savviness to anyone’s attire. Here are some ideas to help you create stunning outfits:Here are some ideas to help you create stunning outfits:

Casual Look: Coordinate an open shirt kurta with a denim pair of jeans and shoes for a practical and stylish casual outfit. It is best to add some silver wears as this adds class to the outfit.

Office Wear: Go for a Banarasi shibori silk shirt with a straight cut and navy blue pants or skirt. Use simple jewellery, neutral colors and a business handbag for a neat appearance.

Festive Attire: For celebrations pick a kurti in the style of Anarkali where you can wear a bagru print kurti and joined with churidar pants and a dupatta. The bold jewelry and the espadrille style embellished sandals pair will leave an impression.

Bohemian Vibe: Boho-chic style: One can achieve the boho-chic style by combining a Bagru print kurti with large palazzo pants or an A-line skirt or a flowing gown and then adding a big sun hat. Pair it with a wide statement necklace and a long dangling bag to get a hippie look.

Layering: In winter you can wear your Bagru print kurta with a long cardigan or macher cardigan as well as denim Jacket. Change into knee high boots and a scarf to stay warm.

Contemporary fashion with traditional print kurtis in Bagru

The aesthetics of traditional Bagru print kurtas and kurtis are unique but it cannot be refuted that they have also made their way into present fashion. Bagru prints have become popular among designers and fashion lovers because they add to the fashion world in the form of new shapes, details, and even fusion clothing. It is no longer about the traditional maxi dresses or tunics or even jumpsuits of Bagru prints but these designs are being given a fresh make over to excite modern fashion-conscious men and women.


The Bagru print kurta is a combination of tradition and modernity in an interesting way that demonstrates a perfectly impeccable mix of Indian culture and contemporary style. For those who value the environment and the artistry of the clothing they wear or for those who look for convenience in their clothes, Bagru print kurta is an ultimate choice of the dress. It is a perfect depiction of what one might want to feel when reaching out for the handloom products from the country because of the colors present there with Bagru prints and as such one is not just investing in things associated with ancient Indian tradition but taking care of the marginalized section of the society which is still keeping these skills alive. So, browse through the world of Bagru printed kurtis online and keep a kurti or two which depict old world charm and elegance.