Adam Recalls Being Smitten by her wife in the First Meeting

Written by Punit Garg


Even though he wasn’t sure if she felt the same way, Adam Brody knew he was attracted to Leighton Meester the first time he saw her in a Los Angeles deli. That’s when I first laid eyes on her, and yeah, I was captivated right away,” he confessed on the podcast. And I was hopelessly in love with her for quite some time.


I worked with her briefly, but we became friends years later. She is beautiful and kind. It’s hard to find someone as sweet as her. How amazing is she?

They are perfectly made for each other

The actor continued, saying he had difficulty understanding her intentions before dating. “This is to her credit; she remained elusive to me for so long and aloof,” he said. I didn’t have a clear picture of her intentions since “she claims to have been interested in me and all that stuff, but she never pursued it and seemed perfectly content to let it never happen.”


Unable to read her out

Shazam! The actor continued, saying that he had been unable to “read” her or figure out what she wanted from him before they began dating. “To her credit, she remained elusive and distant to me for so long,” she said. The complete letter was too depressing, “I couldn’t read it because while she claims to have been interested in me and all that stuff, not only has she not pursued it, but I mean she was ready for that ever to happen.”

Wrapping up

She was “ready to let this message in the bottle float back into the sea at various points,” he joked. They started dating in 2013 and have been married for nine years. They’re parents to two kids now and happily married.