5 Most Affective Ways to Attract Opposite Gender

Written by Anjali Bisht
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Numerous studies have been conducted to discover what characteristics of the opposite sex are more attractive to men and women. Based on many studies, here’s a quick rundown of the differences between male and female preferences.

Top 5 Ways to Attract the Opposite Gender

  • 1. Expressions on One’s Face

Men are more likely to be drawn to confident and content women. Meanwhile, ladies swoon over a man who exudes confidence.

  • 2. Dynamic Body Language

Both men and women pay close attention to posture, stance, and how one moves one’s body. All respondents found the people in the moving photographs more appealing when shown static and moving images.

  • 3. Smell

The aroma of garlic on a man’s breath appeals more to women, while the aroma of donuts or popcorn appeals more to men.

  • 4. Fourth, shared characteristics with parents of the other sex

Researchers have found that people of all sexes prefer romantic partners who share their eyes, hair, and skin color with their parents.

  • 5. Beautiful Hair

Women with long hair are more desirable to males. Women, on the other hand, are not nearly as hair-obsessed as males are, and even if they are, their tastes tend to shift with time.

Other ways to make them fall for you

  • 1. Pets

This is the best option. You’ll find that animal lovers are attractive whether you’re a man or a woman. Dog lovers and cat lovers naturally gravitate toward one another.

  • 2. Sensational Musical Taste

Another study with 1500 participants found that people are more likely to be attracted to others who share their musical preferences. The same, of course, may be said about any topic. It stands to reason that a pair will enjoy each other’s company more if they share common interests and values.

  • 3. The Relative Attraction of Each

Researchers have found that most people will pick the latter when given a choice between two equally attractive people. The explanation is that dating someone they perceive to be significantly more attractive might make a person feel uneasy.

Wrapping Up…

We know that it takes efforts to attract someone. But by following these tips you can surely make them fall in love with you. The secret sauce to attract the opposite gender has been revealed. Make the most out of these and make them fall in love with you.