What will nobody tell you about friends and success?

Written by Anjali Bisht


Many people are making big choices like getting married, buying a house, or relocating across the country to follow one’s aspirations. Furthermore, this decade is crucial for advancing one’s career. A busy schedule at work, though, might make socializing easier. As you focus on moving up the corporate ladder or quitting your job to strike out on your own, you may need more time for social gatherings.


All these things make it hard to keep any friendship together. When you’re always on the go, it’s tough to develop new acquaintances, and old ones might suffer when your priorities and theirs diverge. Relationships are crucial to your well-being and happiness, regardless of where your profession leads you. Pursuing your passion in the workplace will lead to personal and professional development. This will have a profound effect on your friendships.

How can friendship help you to attain success?

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Remembering these three points will help you build strong relationships, which will help you achieve your professional objectives.


  • ● You get out of it what you put into it

Keeping a close friendship alive requires effort on both sides, so if the bond is important to you, make sure you put in the work. This could involve initiating a standing Skype date with your dorm mate or taking the initiative to reply (yet again) to an email.

If you’re the only one putting in any effort or if you get the feeling that the relationship is becoming toxic, it might be time to reevaluate your options.

  • ● Striking a Balance Between Work and Personal Life is an Ongoing Task

As a kid, it was easy to make new acquaintances by staying out late, but free time is much more scarce as an adult. That means you’ll need some ingenuity to figure out how to balance your social life with your other commitments.

Every individual-driven struggle to strike a good work-life balance, but making time for friends is still feasible even when life gets hectic. You can use your professional talents outside of work to set appropriate limits, express your requirements, and rally your loved ones behind you as you pursue your ambitions.

  • ● Adult friendship formation is a slow process.

The office, industry events, conferences, and happy hours are great places to meet people. Remember that developing meaningful relationships with others is time-consuming and labor-intensive, even if you connect with more people.

Getting to know your new coworkers and establishing a comfortable working relationship with them may take longer than expected. A true friendship develops over time if two people genuinely enjoy one another’s company and can tell that the feeling is mutual.

Don’t Cling So Tightly!

The quality of your friendship with someone does not increase with the number of years you’ve known them. What matters is how you feel about the connection now, not how you felt when you were two or twelve.