Get Over the Virtual Loss of Love

Written by Anjali Bisht
virtual breakups


Dating online can be thrilling, but it can be painful to experience a virtual breakup. How to heal from an online dating disappointment. As thrilling as the prospect of dating may be, a breakup may be just as painful.


The widespread belief that online heartbreaks are less devastating than their real-world counterparts persists. Online dating has become increasingly popular as the global pandemic has made people more open to trying something new.

Ending a relationship is never easy

Choosing to fall in love is a major life choice. It’s not just about meeting new people with whom you can build long-term relationships, which involves a lot of guts in and of itself.

In such a case, the fact that the relationship was formed in cyberspace does not make the subsequent heartbreak less painful. It doesn’t matter how we became close to one another emotionally; the fact remains that ending a relationship is never easy.


101 Ways to get over virtual love

It’s a wonderful feeling to love someone and have them love you back, which is why romantic relationships can be so much pleasure. What, though, happens when we begin to suspect that the person we’re seeing isn’t the one? Where can we get the courage to fall in love once more? Here are the top three suggestions for overcoming a virtual heartbreak.

  • ● Your suffering is understandable


Don’t feel bad about sobbing into a pillow or yelling at the ceiling. Healing from a broken heart is a challenging task requiring much patience and perseverance. Feeling trapped is a common experience. You may start to blame yourself and question your sanity for entering the relationship in the first place. You might feel tempted to focus on your shortcomings to alleviate the suffering. I, like the rest of us, have been there.

The emotional and mental toll of a broken heart is profound. That’s why taking a break and gathering your thoughts is good. Submit to a state of vulnerability where no one may condemn your hurt experience. Try meditating, masturbating, watching a movie, or consulting a therapist. Do whatever works best for you to get the pain out.

  • ● Learn about one’s self


One way to get to the bottom of self-love’ is to get to know oneself better during one’s darkest hour. Perhaps you were on the cusp of starting a new activity or vacationing when your online relationship began. Being alone may be a source of strength, but only if you take the time to cultivate a deep appreciation for yourself.

Even though it may feel like the end of the world when you experience heartbreak, the love of your friends and family can help you heal and return to being yourself, allow yourself some time to grieve while you explore your new identity.

  • ● Fall in Love with Yourself


When you finally understand yourself, you will no longer care what others think of you. Forget about the people who wronged you or the lovers who let you down. Instead, you’re in a position to love and be loved outside the confines of romantic partnerships.

Wrapping up

Your genuine excellence is within your divine nature. Recognize the strength in understanding who you are and letting out the exposed parts of yourself during a heartbreak. You are a blessing to those lucky enough to know you and to yourself. Be as compassionate and nice to yourself as you would be to a close friend experiencing the same pain.