Which 4 teams can qualify for the playoffs of TATA IPL 2023?

Written by Pradeep Singh


The season of IPL 2023 is coming to an end. The playoffs will feature four teams: two qualifiers, one eliminator, and a final. Seven teams are in contention for three spots in the final four, despite only seven games left. You can see where each of the seven clubs is in making the playoffs below.

What are some of the most probable teams for the finale?

After 13 games, Chennai has 15 points and needs to win one more to reach 17 points. When you reach 16 points, you automatically qualify for the postseason.  The teams most capable of taking on the yellow army are the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, and Lucknow Super Giants.

Even if RCB and PBKS win their final two games, they will still only have 16 points, giving the advantage to Chennai if they win their final game. The only way for Mumbai Indians to pass Chennai is if they win their next two games and increase their point total to 18.

If Mumbai were to sweep their upcoming matches, they would have 18 points and be tied for second place. They have a shot at making the playoffs even with just one victory. This would require either an increase in their net run rate or the loss of their remaining games by RCB and Punjab.



The game at the end

If LSG beats Mumbai and Kolkata in their final two games, they will have 17 points, one more than the minimum needed to make the playoffs. Losing even one game would require them to rely on the outcomes of other games.

1. If they were to win only one game, they would have to pray that both CSK and MI would suffer crushing defeats in their last games and that both RCB and PBKS would drop at least one of their final three contests.

2. Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Punjab Kings: Take both games and raise your batting average.

3. Two games are remaining for both PBKS and RCB. Punjab will face off against Delhi, Rajasthan, while RCB will take against GT and SRH.

4. If both teams win their remaining games, the tiebreaker will be determined by their respective net run rates. The following is a path to advancement for both of these squads.

5. With a negative net run rate, PBKS could not catch RCB. Hence they would advance. It would be ideal for RCB if PBKS lost both games and DC won against CSK. After that, RCB would be in contention for second place in the league if KKR were to defeat LSG.


Which teams won’t qualify for finals?

5. For KKR’s net run rate to surpass that of RR, RCB, and MI, they must win the final match against Lucknow by an enormous margin. I confirm that MI can beat Lucknow and advance to the championship match. If not, Mumbai will suffer the same defeat as Hyderabad. With any luck, SRH and GT will be able to defeat RCB. It would be great if PBKS could beat RR but lose to Delhi. Only under these conditions will KKR be eligible to compete in the postseason.