Say No to Fights in Marriage

Written by Anjali Bisht


Conflict does not necessarily have to result in destruction. Disagreement and challenge within a relationship can foster development, comprehension, communication, and achievement.


Resolving conflicts is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy relationship. Disagreement and divergent viewpoints of various kinds are inevitable. However, “the couple will want to make sure that the resolution does not leave lingering hurt or resentment in one or both of them” to prevent future harm to trust, intimacy, and the relationship.

Conflict Resolution Tips

Methods of Conflict Resolution employs a straightforward strategy to help couples working through difficult conflicts reconcile their differences.

  • ● Disruptions in relationships should be the first thing to go.

First, it is important to stop or at least slow the flow of negative emotions like anger, resentment, and hurt. Nobody can hear the other person out with an open mind if this does not happen.

  • ● Second, resolve to adopt a cooperative stance.

A solution that benefits both parties must be actively sought. It is unacceptable for one side to win while the other loses. Both partners must maintain their drive and flexibility.


  • ● Third, train yourself to listen with intent.

When all parties are heard and understood, a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached more quickly. Each player has their idea of success in mind, but they must now actively listen to the other without interrupting or passing judgment.
A mutually beneficial agreement can be reached when both parties have the same information.

  • ● Fourth, engage in collaborative ideation.

After putting aside their feelings and adopting a win-win mentality, the couple may find a solution that will work for both.

By communicating openly, the couple may work together to discover a solution that works for them.

Tips for Happier Marriages and Partnerships.

● Couples should reflect on their shared interests and values to determine how they might better express their affection for one another and deepen their mutual understanding.

● Knowing your partner’s ideals for a happy relationship might help you better understand their feelings and needs.

● Adopting a win-win perspective can help you find a better resolution to conflicts.

In the end…

For this shift to occur, both parties must be willing to work toward resolving issues in a way that benefits them. Tell them that if they want to resolve their differences to benefit both parties, they must adopt the attitude that they are willing to do whatever it takes to improve their relationship.