Plan Your Next Vacation on Long Weekends in 2023



As the year is jam-packed with many long weekends in 2023, how can we miss some travel fun? There are myriad travel options for you. Also, it is the time to rejuvenate and refresh your senses.


So, pack your bags and explore the world. To satiate your love for travel, you can plan your next vacation on the upcoming weekends in 2023.


As spring commences, there comes the time to welcome the new year in many parts of the world. With Good Friday falling on the 7th of April, you have a long weekend to plan a small itinerary to the nearby holiday spot.

4 April: Mahavir Jayanti (Tuesday)
7th April: Good Friday (Friday)
14th April: Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti (Friday)
22nd April: Idukki Fitr (Saturday)



There need to be more long weekends in May. This is the time when scorching summer starts to take over.

1st May: May Day/ Labour Day (Monday)
5th May: Buddha Purnima (Friday)


You can only plan a weekend itinerary in June if long weekends exist. In some states, Rath Yatra will take place. There is only one holiday falling on Bakrid.


As the temperature will shoot up, planning an itinerary may be difficult. Also, there are no long weekends in July.
29th July: Muharram (Saturday)


Again, no holidays are falling on weekends in August 2023. There are public holidays that are not falling in this month.

15th August – Independence Day (Tuesday)
16th August – Parsi New Year (Wednesday)
31st August – Raksha Bandhan (Thursday)


As the festive season is approaching, September is one such month where you can plan great trips now. There are so many festivals falling in September. You surely can’t miss planning the trip now.

7th September – Janmashtami (Thursday)
9th September- (Saturday)
19th September- Ganesh Chaturthi (Tuesday)
28th September- Eid e Milad (Thursday )


Spring is taking over the season; this is the time to rejoice in various festivals. October is packed with myriad festivals that offer holidays too. You can pack your bags and mark your visit to tourist destinations now.

2nd October – Gandhi Jayanti (Monday)
22 October- Maha Ashtami (Sunday)
23 October- Maha Navami ( Monday )
24th October – Vijaya Dashami (Tuesday)


As Diwali falls in November, mark a visit to your house instead of planning a trip. Long weekend holidays can help you plan the best visit to your house.

12th November – Diwali (Sunday)
13th November- Govardhan Pooja/Laxmi Puja (Deepawali) (Monday)
27 November- Guru Nanak Jayanti (Monday)


The winter season starts to make its cold waves all across the nation. You can plan your travel journey and make the best out of it.

25th December- Christmas (Monday)

Travel Itinerary for long weekends 2023:

1. You can visit the Goa or Western Ghats of Maharashtra in April.
2. In August, you can visit Hyderabad. This royal city offers a lot to tourists. Also, remember to relish Biryani and visit the Ramoji Film City.
3. The Golden YTriange is perfect for visiting in September. Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra are perfect for exploration.
4. Plan a visit to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu, and Kashmir to have fun in snow-capped mountains in December.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy some days away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and unwind by travelling. It is best to plan the travel journey as there are so many long weekends this year.