Kedarnath Shrine 2023: Details, Opening And Closing Dates And More



Kedarnath Dham is the sacred site of a Shiva temple opened on April 25, 2023, at 06:30 AM local time, the doors to the sacred temple were opened with a special ritual. Ukhimath’s Omkareshwar Temple priests consult the Panchang to determine when the Kedarnath shrine will open to the public; this year’s opening was announced on Mahashivratri.

When Will Kedarnath Yatra Begin and End in 2023?

Kapat opening date: 6:30 AM, April 25, 2023

Kapat closing date: November 14, 2023.


Kedarnath Pilgrimage 2023: Inaugural Celebration

The significance and luck of this day cannot be overstated. Many Hindus worldwide travel to India to worship Lord Shiva’s temple during this time. The doors to Kedarnath open after many hours of prayer and adoration by priests. Only when the door-opening process is complete will devotees glimpse Kedarnath Baba.

How to Make Reservations for the Kedarnath Yatra, 2023?

Thousands of worshippers pilgrimage to Kedarnath every year in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Lord Shiva, making it one of the most popular religious sites in the world. If you are a devotee planning a journey to this sacred site, you must first register on the official website and obtain your E-Pass from the same location. You can make the bookings on the Official Sites of and

According to the new regulations, each day can only accommodate so many guests. From Phata, Sersi, Sitapur, and Guptkashi, visitors can take a helicopter to the temple, located 18 kilometres from Gaur Kund. There is so much snow in the winter that all the roads are closed for six months; during that period, the idol is moved to Ukhimath and then reinstalled in April and May.

Kedarnath Pilgrimage 2023: The Wrap-Up

When Kedarnath Dham’s kapat or gates come to a close, there is a huge celebration that takes place. Ukhimath’s Omkareshwar Temple is Lord Kedarnath’s winter home, and the Garhwal Band brings the Baba Kedar Doli there yearly. Two days after Diwali, on Bhai Dooj, the temple’s doors’ will be locked for six months.

Kedarnath will close two days after Diwali, on Bhai Dooj that is on November 14. So, plan your visit today and catch a glimpse of Kedar baba