Painting Delhi with Colours: Best Street Artists from the Capital City



The evolving graffiti scene in the nation’s capital is altering this conundrum. Delhi is in for a kaleidoscope of hues thanks to the influx of local and foreign painters leaving their indelible signatures on the city’s walls. Let us investigate who these colorful knights are and the meanings behind their armor.

  • ● Diverse Expressions – The Art of Rakesh Kumar Memrot


Rakesh Kumar Memrot is an outstanding artist and mural painter. His artwork has been displayed everywhere, from museums to living rooms. He’s a street artist that works under the name M86. Check out his work, which explores a wide range of topics and is brilliantly argued.

  • ● Amitabh Kumar, the Big A


Artist and designer Amitabh Kumar was born and raised in Saadi Dilli. He is a multitalented creative whose portfolio includes comics, drawings, murals, paintings, and pictures. His walls are covered with carefully picked art from throughout the world. Dead Dahlias, one of his most well-known works, adorns the walls of the Lodhi Colony neighborhood. The artwork is steeped in Delhi’s history and symbolizes the creators’ anxiety over the city’s decay.


  • ● Impressive Work by Artist Anpu Varkey


Graffiti artist Anpu Varkey calls Delhi home but has left her imprint on walls worldwide. Together with German artist Hendrick Beikirch, she completed Delhi’s largest mural in five days. A 158-foot-tall mural depicting Mahatma Gandhi, “the father of the nation,” hangs in the Delhi Police Headquarters. Clouds, desolate landscapes, and time travel are all sources of inspiration for Anpu, and you can see these themes mirrored in her stunning works of art.

  • ● Spread the Word – YANTR


These creators paint their emotions onto the page in various ways, from odd and distinctive writing styles to an urgent message worth fighting for. Art is what YANTR thinks the average person or pedestrian will enjoy. For him, graffiti is the only medium (‘yantra) that makes art available to the common man. YANTR’s love of mechanics shines through in his work, and he tries to incorporate mechanical components into his compositions so that regular people may appreciate them. Hauz Khas Village, Lajpat Nagar, and Chirag Delhi all have some of his most well-known creations.

  • ● Three’s Company: Zine, Samsam, and Rane


Something about Delhi makes me want to splash some color everywhere. Or the color green. Or the color blue! Our graffiti artists have organized into teams across the metro area, and they all work together to produce the best possible murals in the least amount of time. One such group, Aerosol Assassins Crew (AAC), may be seen zooming throughout the globe.

In the end…

The contributions of these creative people have made art accessible to a far wider audience. In addition to contributing to the city’s aesthetic appeal, these works of art actively promote important social messages. Delhi has become a hub for graffiti artists as the city gains the respect it deserves internationally. To put it simply, we both benefit. You can find their murals and street art all across town.