How to stay glam like a Powerful couple? FT. Genelia and Ritesh

Written by Chitra


Bollywood stars attended an Eid celebration recently, and they all looked incredible. Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza, arguably the most famous couple in Bollywood, showed up in style for the holiday. Genelia was radiant in a royal blue suit embellished with white flower designs, a plunging V-neck, and ornate embroidery.


She wore minimal makeup, a nose ring, a messy bun, and big earrings. But Riteish, in his black kurta, dhoti-style pajamas, and jutti shoes, looked very sharp indeed. The couple’s perfectly matched ensembles and sartorial sophistication were stunning.

Tips to slay like Power couples:

  • No to exact matches
  • Wearing the same thing as your twin sister is frowned upon unless you dress up for a costume party. It’s unnecessary to dress identically to your significant other to coordinate your styles.


    • Get Your Colors Right
    • Wearing the same color is not the only way to coordinate colors. You can get a coordinated look by wearing complementary colors or neutral tones. To avoid looking too matchy-matchy, try going with a slightly different shade of the same color as your spouse. Black and white, for example, is a timeless color scheme.


      One must consider the event’s formality level when deciding what to wear. Whether going out to a fancy dinner or a laid-back Sunday brunch, it’s important to dress similarly to your date. You wouldn’t want to leave in a gown while he’s lacing up his sneakers, would you?


      • Plan your outfits ahead of time
      • You’ll both benefit from a brief chat regarding your outfit plans for the evening. Coordinate your outfits for the event by discussing what you want to wear beforehand. So, you’ll be excited instead of apprehensive about seeing your partner!


        • Pair clothes well
        • When it comes to a couple’s fashion, it’s more fun to experiment with casual, everyday styles. Knowing what should and shouldn’t be matched is essential to try mixing and matching formal and Indian clothing. Even if you’re a huge fan of androgyny, it might not be a good idea to dress like your partner does and wear a pantsuit. Instead of a business suit, a pencil skirt and a well-fitted top can create a matched formal outfit.


          Wrapping Up

          There are no set guidelines for how a pair should dress. However, the following advice may help you learn to complement each other’s tastes better.