Urfi Javed Wacky and Bizzare Fashion Style

Written by Arti


You can either adore or loathe her, but ignoring her is not an option. That would be Urfi Javed, who has recently gone viral thanks to her eccentric and daring style. The actress cum model was seen on Bigg Boss OTT. Also, she has a reputation for strong provoking reactions with her eccentric wardrobe choices, including chainmail, shells, trash bags, and even her pictures.

Some people admire her bravery and unique approach, while others have accused her of seeking attention. Urfi, however, is unmoved. She claims that “everyone enjoys being dolled up and looking their best.” While we should all care about our appearance and well-being, whatever I do is for me. And if a dress is enough to make people angry, then there is a problem, and those people need treatment.

What did She say about her Looks?

“I have a crew, and we sit down and discuss the designs,” she explains. That takes time; it’s not a simple task. Urfi states that she loves to dress up and stand out, even as a little child. I loved getting dressed up for an evening out when I was younger. Therefore, I continue to do it. I’ve always aimed to be an outlier. That’s how I’ve always been, even as a kid, and it’s fine,” she says.

Can’t ace any Acting Roles

Actor Urfi, who has appeared in dramas like Jiji Maa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and Kasautii Zindagii Kay, is looking for new roles. She explains that she left Lucknow for Bombay intending to become an actress. I don’t mind waiting for the project because I’m not getting jobs that will help me prove my worth as an actor right now. I hope to play a powerful role in a story that challenges gender norms and sends a meaningful message to women.

Maybe people aren’t casting me because they have a preconceived notion of my appearance, but I know that perceptions can change. Uorfi (formerly known as Urfi) says, “If there are those who don’t like me today, they will like me after some time and vice versa.”

Wrapping Up

Urfi is keeping herself occupied with activities other than acting lately. “Now I have become famous. I’m also benefiting from other approaches. Even though this fulfils a lifelong dream of mine to star in a Hollywood blockbuster, I have no complaints. She ends on a positive note, saying, “I am loving this time of my life, and I am confident I will receive some fantastic jobs in the future.”