Beware WhatsApp Users from Fake International Calls

Written by Akash Rai
fake call


WhatsApp is the latest tool in the arsenal of con artists attempting to take advantage of the naive. More and more WhatsApp users have complained about receiving unsolicited calls and videos from unidentified overseas numbers, mostly in Southeast Asia. Phone numbers from countries like Vietnam (+84), Indonesia (+62), and Mali (+223) are common examples.


Remember that fraudsters are not confined to these regions while placing their calls. Their SIM cards and phone numbers could be from any country. These frauds, unfortunately, can be highly convincing and cause consumers to part with their money or sensitive information.

Beware of fraud calls and fake apps

Someone on Twitter related their personal story. He received a call from one of the overseas companies we discussed. The sender pretended to be a Vietnamese job seeker. The pay was offered per YouTube “like” in this position. It’s a widespread fraud that’s been going on for a while now. Con artists trick people into downloading harmful software or signing up for a Telegram group. Investors in stocks and cryptocurrencies will be solicited from the victims.


Stay Wary of imposters

Avoid responding to calls or texts from unknown numbers with international prefixes, as doing so may result in identity theft or financial loss. Instead, ensure you’re always talking to the right person by verifying their identity. Avoid embarrassing yourself by picking up the phone if you can’t positively identify the caller.

Also, please notify the proper authorities about these scams. They can stop the danger from spreading. If more people report, authorities will have better resources to deal with the problem. They have the means to look into it and stop it.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it’s critical to guard yourself against potential scams. Don’t fall for con artists that pretend to be looking for work or who offer you quick cash. Please don’t give out sensitive information like bank account details unless you’re positive it won’t be misused. You may avoid being a victim of these scams by keeping yourself informed and implementing sensible safety measures. Also, make sure your financial and personal data is safe.