Aloo Chokha Meets Rice Paper



The Indian state of Bihar is known for its mashed potato and spice dish known as aloo chokha. What happens when you pair it with rice paper instead of rice or chapati? The recipe is an interesting and pleasing combination of tastes and textures.


Thin, see-through rice paper is created by combining rice flour and water. Vietnamese spring rolls are a classic example of this ingredient’s versatility. The combination of aloo chokha and the resulting crunchy, delicious snack makes it suitable for any event.


Ingredients for the recipe

The ingredients for rice paper rolls filled with aloo chokha are:

● Rice Paper
● Mash potatoes (aloo chokha) with salt, red chilli powder, cumin powder, and fresh coriander leaves.
● Onion, finely chopped
● Green chilli peppers, finely chopped
● Minced Cilantro
● Spice mixture chaat masala (usually including amchoor, cumin, coriander, ginger, salt, and pepper) is used for flavouring various dishes.

To make the rice paper sheets more malleable, immerse them in hot water for 10 to 15 seconds. Arrange them in a single layer on a plate or cutting board.

Next, coat each sheet with aloo chokha, leaving a 1-inch margin around it. Top the aloo chokha with finely sliced onion, green chile, and cilantro. Chaat masala can be sprinkled on for flavour.

After placing your filling in the centre of the rice paper:
1. Fold the bottom edge up and over it.
2. As you roll, tuck in the sides to completely enclose the filling.
3. Use the remaining rice paper and fill in a similar manner.

Dipping sauces like sweet chilli sauce or tamarind chutney go well with the aloo chokha rice paper rolls. Each bite of aloo chokha bursts with flavor thanks to the soft, flavorful filling and the crispy, crunchy rice paper.

A burst of flavours

Those with dietary limitations can still enjoy a delicious appetizer or aloo chokha rice paper roll snack. Because they are gluten-free, vegan, and low in calories, they are a great option for people who are watching their weight or looking to increase their plant-based diet.

Easy to prepare and packed with flavour and nutrients, aloo chokha rice paper rolls are a staple in any healthy diet. You can find all of the necessary components at any supermarket or on the internet, and the recipe can be altered to suit your tastes. Alternate filling ingredients, seasonings, and dipping sauces are all possible variations.

Wrapping Up

Overall, aloo chokha rice paper rolls are a fun and delicious twist on a classic Indian meal. These rolls are perfect as a quick snack or an entertaining gathering appetizer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique combination of tastes and textures.