Young Adult Fantasy Novels for 17-Year-Olds



Young adult fantasy novels occur in a fantastical universe where anything is possible. Not only do young adults enjoy this type of literature, but so do readers of all ages looking to escape into an exciting story. These books are perfect for 17-year-olds because they introduce kids to mature topics, characters, and stories. Here is a collection of fantastic young adult fantasy literature, just right for the curious minds and developing imaginations of those with a reading age of 17 or higher.

Patrick Rothfuss’s “The Name of the Wind”

Writes a fascinating tale of Kvothe, a talented musician and arcanist, as he ages. In a world full of magic and melody, Kvothe’s story unfolds before the reader as he deals with tragedy, learns the truth, and plots his vengeance. Intricate world-building and lyrical prose make “The Name of the Wind” a must-read for any reader interested in epic fantasy.

Garth Nix’s “Sabriel”

Nix combines horror, fantasy, and action by introducing us to Sabriel, a young necromancer who can move freely between the worlds of the living and the dead. In Sabriel, readers are thrust into a world where magic, necromancy, and epic wars combine as the protagonist on a dangerous adventure to save her father and combat an ancient evil. Nix’s “Sabriel” is exciting because of its brilliant writing and independent female protagonist.


Kristin Cashore’s “Graceling”

Kristin Cashore’s “Graceling” is a fascinating tale set in a world where some people have extraordinary powers known as “Graces,” which might vary from enhanced physical ability to telepathy. The young woman Katsa, who carries the Grace of murder on her shoulders, has arrived. Katsa faces political intrigue and personal growth as she investigates a dangerous scheme. A new spin on familiar fantasy motifs, “Graceling” delves into authority, self-definition, and romantic attraction issues.

Sabaa Tahir’s “An Ember in the Ashes”

The dark and terrible world of ancient Rome inspires Tahir’s first work. Slave Laia and free soldier Elias become involved in a struggle against an oppressive empire. “An Ember in the Ashes” explores themes of resistance, devotion, and the price of freedom through a compelling universe and a cast of morally nuanced characters.

Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Raven Boys”

Stiefvater takes readers on a fantastical adventure full of magic, mystery, and the search for a long-lost Welsh monarch in the first book of her “Raven Cycle” series. Blue Sargent, a young woman from a psychic family, and four lads from the elite Aglionby Academy are at the centre of this tale. As they explore the paranormal, Stiefvater expertly weaves mythology, friendship, and romance together to create a captivating story.

Leigh Bardugo’s “Six of Crows”

In this exciting heist novel, Bardugo introduces us to the harsh and colourful world of the Grishaverse. The story takes place in the busy city of Ketterdam and centres on six misfits who attempt to do the impossible. “Six of Crows” exemplifies Bardugo’s talent for writing captivating stories with complex characters, clever plotting, and a touch of romance.

Author Holly Black’s “The Cruel Prince”

In this captivating story, Holly Black transports readers to the magical world of Faeries, where humans and faeries maintain an uneasy truce through politics and deceit. Jude, a human brought up in Faerie, must learn to manoeuvre the political intrigues of the high court and demonstrate her worth in a world rife with lies and deceit. “The Cruel Prince” is a compelling read for fans of novels about fae and courtly manoeuvres thanks to its detailed descriptions, morally ambiguous characters, and fascinating universe.

Wrapping up

Starting at age 17, teenagers can use the portal this young adult fantasy literature provides to delve into fantastic worlds, intricate themes, and believable characters. These books provide something for everyone, whether you’re in the mood for an epic quest, a character with special powers, or a story about finding yourself. Grab a book and enter the magical worlds where your mind can soar with these inspiring stories.