Which is the Right Way to Study



You may have seen many argue on which is better reading or listening, and the debate ends with no right method. Many start giving the benefits of reading and many will unlock the advantages of listening. Well, everyone shares their personal preference and without any doubt, both are perfect.

But the point is which is more effective for students? If you want to know which approach is outstanding then this blog will help you. We will share all about reading and listening. In the end, you can gauge which is more perfect for you during your study time.

The Effective Method to Acquire Knowledge

If you want to know which is an excellent method to fastly understand the material, then let us inform you that reading is faster than listening. Research says that an average adult can read 250 to 300 words per minute.

On the other hand, speaking speed for efficient comprehension is 150 to 160 words per minute. If any speaker standing in front of you speaks too fast, the chances are high and you can lose meaning in mind. This is where reading is an optimal solution and of course, much better.

If you are listening, you can encounter situations of distorted words. A person can also face a situation where sound is inaudible due to background noises. People burn the idea of listening through audio. So, reading here wins and is a perfect solution to help students during their study time.

If a student is studying in a physical classroom, then the biggest advantage to them is they can raise questions to get answers to their reading material at the same time. During the COVID-19 time, we know students give more preference to listening concepts to clear all their doubts. If lectures are without videos, listening to audio wins here. We guess you are very much clear now regarding reading vs listening.

Science Behind Both These Top Methods for Studying

Many experts said that both will have a great impact on students whose only focus is to study. If they choose listening that is fine, and if they choose reading that is also great. Both are balanced properly, but experts also said that to deal with distractions, reading is far better than listening.

Do you know?
One of the biggest challenges in reading is visual as crystal clear images and videos are state-of-the-art on the eyes if compared with just normal text. There is also a challenge in audio where you must go with must use real-time comprehension skills as it instantly includes interpreting and comprehending information.



So many students get confused about which is better reading or listening. We know many readers who are paying attention to this blog just to know which is a more efficient method to study. We recommend everyone that both are reliable for your study. There is nothing wrong with any of these. You get to know the difference and their challenges. Make sure to choose the right method before you start studying.