Top 7 Night Creams to Balance and Hydrate Oily Skin

Written by Sumit Garg
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If you have oily skin, you know that only some products will work for you. Due to excessive sebum production, oily skin is more likely to develop zits and acne and seems dull. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a cream to treat various skin issues related to excess oil and shine on your face. The top 7 face creams for oily skin are listed in this post. To find the perfect match for you, scroll down!

The Top 7 Face Creams For Oily Skin In India

  • 1. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Brightening Night Creme

Oily and dull skin receives extra care and nourishment from the Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Brightening Night Creme. It polishes the skin and targets dark spots, blemishes, oil, dullness, and tanning using microcrystals and skin-lightening vitamins.

This cream deeply penetrates the skin layers to hydrate and nourish the cells. Additionally, it regulates too much melanin, which darkens the skin. Vitamin B3 helps to reinforce the skin barrier while glycerin moisturizes and plumps the skin in this ultra-light cream. Skin is shielded from the sun’s damaging rays by SPF 30.

  • 2. Plum Green Tea Refreshed Clarity Night Gel

The plum Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel is ideal when choosing a night gel for oily skin. It contains antioxidants from green tea, ginkgo, and goji berries and plant extracts from aloe, licorice, and willow bark. Its texture is light and gel-like.

This gel contains non-comedogenic argan oil. Without blocking pores, it softens the face and maintains water balance. Green tea and licorice extracts combine to fight acne and lighten skin imperfections. This product moisturizes the skin without looking oily or drab. It is vegan and free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, DEA, and PABA.

  • 3. BIOTIQUE Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream

Wintergreen, anti-inflammatory, cooling, and healing, is a component of this BIOTIQUE spot-correcting anti-acne lotion. It reduces pores, clears blemishes, and calms the skin without causing flaking or dryness. Neem oil, wintergreen oil, Burberry, and euphorbia extracts, among other herbal substances, reduce acne and other related problems while enhancing skin texture. This modern Ayurvedic product is one of India’s top creams for oily skin.

  • 4. Light Complete Fairness Serum Cream from GARNIER SKIN NATURALS

GARNIER’s Light Complete Fairness Serum Cream is one of the best creams for oily skin. Vitamin C serum and Japanese Yuzu lemon, which thoroughly penetrate the skin, brighten it, and give it a dazzling shine, are ingredients in this skin-brightening cream. It tackles three different forms of dark, UV, and pimple spots. Additionally, this cream has UV filters that shield the skin from the sun’s rays. It has been dermatologically examined and offers long-lasting skin-brightening benefits.

  • 5. Bella Vita Natural Anti-Acne Face Gel Crème

This BELLA VITA ORGANIC face gel crème is an antibacterial gel including neem, tulsi, aloe, vera, and jojoba. The antibacterial properties of neem help to treat and lessen acne and pimples. Additionally, it detoxifies the skin and reduces pigmentation and blemishes. Tea tree oil and tulsi help to diminish acne scars and minimize acne, pimples, and redness.

Aloe vera and jojoba oil nourish and moisturize the skin, promote cell renewal, and lessen acne and pimple scarring. They also balance sebum production. Salicylic acid, another component of aloe vera, removes buildup and dead skin cells.

  • 6. Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream from HIMALAYA HERBALS

The oil-free, lightweight HIMALAYA HERBALS Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream pleasantly hydrates the skin without appearing greasy or drab. It has components from winter melon and barbary figs, which moisturize, soften, and give the skin a healthy glow. Winter melon has antioxidant qualities that protect and revitalize the skin and keep it healthy, and barbary fig extracts provide polysaccharides that moisturize the skin. This cream has been dermatologist-tested, is non-comedogenic, and is free of parabens and mineral oils.

  • 7. Blue Nectar SHUBR Brightening & Radiance Sandalwood Cream

The Blue Nectar Radiance & Brightening, a light, non-greasy face moisturizer called sandalwood cream, nourishes skin without making it appear oily. It adds radiance and lessens uneven skin tone. Mulethi is rich in minerals and acids that lighten the skin tone, while manjistha detoxifies the skin and improves the complexion. Turmeric soothes dry skin and lessens the appearance of dark circles. Coconut oil helps to keep the skin hydrated and reduce irritation. This lotion revitalizes the skin and enhances its general well-being.

Wrapping Up

From the list of the top 7 creams for oily skin above, you may carefully read the reviews and select the one that works best for you. Let’s now discuss the things to think about before making a purchase. That concludes our list of India’s top 7 creams for oily skin. Review the buying guide’s points and choose the best product for your skin.