Keep Your White Sneakers Spick and Span

Written by Chitra
white sneaker


Your white shoes will get dirty no matter how much you try to keep them clean. Things will happen in life; relax. If you want to give your sneakers a new look, try these techniques:

  • ● Consider investing in a shoe care kit


If you care about your sneakers, your best bet is to invest in specialized shoe cleaning. Many stores also sell their versions, often packaged with handy brush applicators. Toronto’s regional manager for Livestock footwear, Adrian Campana (who owns at least 16 pairs of white sneakers), recommends looking for Jason markk natural cleaners like to avoid damaging your shoes with harsh chemicals.

  • ● Use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your shoes at home


Giselle Ferguson, the special request manager at the Toronto shoe boutique Get Outside, suggests using water and white vinegar to wipe dirt off if you don’t want to spend money on shoe-cleaning solutions. Use the cloth to apply the solution, then clean away gently. She claims that any material can benefit from this approach (so long as the stain is quite fresh and hasn’t had a chance to penetrate the material) but that leather is the ideal candidate.


  • ● Baking soda: The secret to pristine white sneakers


Spot cleaning can be done efficiently with a paste made from baking soda and water. This paste can be used to scrub stubborn stains. Baking soda helps break up soil particles.

  • ● Clean up quick messes using shoe wipes


Our respondents all agreed that individual fast wipes were a lifesaver. In a shoe emergency, they always have wipes in their coats and bags. Anna Bediones, a content producer and brand marketer with over a decade of experience in the field, has been known to improvise with makeup wipes when she’s in a pinch.

  • ● For a speedy solution, reach for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers


Some people find that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers best remove stubborn stains from their shoes. While Campana affirms their efficacy, she warns that prolonged exposure to aggressive cleansers might cause shoes to turn yellow.

  • ● Clean the bottoms


To clean your shoes thoroughly, use a product specifically designed to clean either the uppers or the soles. Sneaker wipes are chemical-free and can be used on your footwear’s upper, lining, and soles. Conversely, since soles are more robust than uppers, scuffs can be removed by scrubbing them with any brush.

Wrapping up

While traditional canvas shoes will always be in style, leather sneakers may be a superior long-term investment. Ferguson claims that leather shoes are superior to canvas ones because they are more comfortable once broken in and are less prone to get discolored due to the ease with which they can be cleaned.