Is Google Hinting at More Tech Layoffs?

Written by Punit Garg


In 2023, IT corporations will continue their retrenchment process. The layoffs began in 2022 and are still in sight. Many corporations, including Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and Twitter, have recently implemented several layoffs. This has impacted many workers throughout the globe. Is Google hinting at another series of tech Layoffs? Catch up more on this story now.


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Why is Google on Layoffs List?

Google, a massive tech firm, is also on this list. Might Google, like Amazon and Meta, soon lay off a sizable number of people for the second time? Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded to this topic in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He said that the firm is laser-focused on its operations and that much work must be done to speed it up. He promised that they would prioritize the tasks and make personnel decisions accordingly.

When asked how Google planned to boost efficiency by 20%, CEO Sundar Pichai said the business is “literally looking at every area of what we do” to re-engineer its cost base fundamentally. He emphasized that although some advancement had been made, far more effort was needed.


Further layoffs shortly

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, told the Wall Street Journal that the company might reduce its workforce shortly. Will Google lay off more employees? The CEO of Google said he hoped for a 20% increase in productivity throughout the company. In light of this, they are constantly striving to improve our performance. Sundar Pichai also mentioned that the corporation is working on reorganizing its finances. This is necessary to keep the process going and keep costs down.

Shift toward AI development

The AI Central initiative is also a top priority for Google. When asked about AI, he stated, “We are constantly working on AI.” We’re exploring ways to apply AI to our most pressing problems. Nonetheless, much more research and development are needed in this field.

Pichai kept secret how many people would be let go in the next phase of the company’s development, but he did hint at layoffs. Google has been working on a strategy to cut costs for several days. Further layoffs will likely be announced shortly if things continue as they are.

It was also reported in February that the company had laid off around 450 people from its various divisions in India. Whether or whether the 12,000 job losses disclosed by Alphabet Inc. are part of these layoffs is unknown.

The entire technology sector has been hit hard by layoffs this year. Pichai’s comments may signal that Google may begin laying off employees. HR head Fiona Cicconi told employees in a July all-hands meeting that Google was “not trying to reduce overall personnel” but that the firm also “can’t be sure of the economy in the future.”

Wrapping Up

With the increase in AI and its development, preventing upcoming layoffs is becoming more complex. The tech companies have never given any reasonable reason for the layoffs. Let’s see whether Google will implement more layoffs or not.