IPL Teams Ranked by Fan Clubs: Unveiling the Powerhouse of Support

IPL Teams Ranked by Fan Clubs


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a festival honouring cricket, entertainment, and the undying support of its devoted fan base, not just a tournament. The league becomes a battlefield for loyal fans, with each side bringing its dedicated following. In this article, we examine the relative strengths of each IPL team’s fan club to illustrate the extraordinary devotion that drives the exciting environment of the IPL.

What is the ranking of each IPL team as per their fan club?

1:The Mumbai Indians have the most extensive fan base of any IPL team. The “MI Paltan,” an affectionate nickname for their fans, is well-known for their undying support. The team’s on-field success has strengthened the connection between MI and its devoted fan base.

2:The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have an enthusiastic fanbase called the “Yellow Army.” CSK has built a large fan base that follows the team everywhere they go with their constant performance and the charm of their skipper, MS Dhoni.

3: The “KKR Fanatics,” who support the Kolkata Knight Riders, are a powerful group in their own right. Wearing purple and gold, they enthusiastically fill the stadium every time their side scores. The KKR fan culture heightens the exciting vibe of the IPL.

4:Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): The Bold Army The devoted supporters of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, captained by the affable Virat Kohli, are known as the “Bold Army.” Fans of RCB remain dedicated and vocal despite the team’s inability to win an IPL championship, giving them significant influence among cricket followers worldwide.

5:Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): The Orange Army: The “Orange Army,” the name of the team’s fan group, shows unrivalled passion for Sunrisers Hyderabad. The team’s achievements, including winning the IPL, have increased its fan base and generated an exciting environment at their games.

6:The “RR Toli,” the devoted supporters of the Rajasthan Royals, provide a touch of nobility to the Indian Premier League. Fans of RR have shown their unwavering loyalty by sticking by the team through good times and bad.

7:Fans of the Punjab Kings (previously Kings XI Punjab) are highly dedicated to the squad. Even though the team has had some up-and-down performances, that hasn’t dimmed the spirit of their diehard fans.

8:The “DC Toli,” a group of devoted Delhi Capitals fans, has expanded in membership and enthusiasm throughout the years. The revitalized strategy and youthful vigour the club has brought to its games have been well-received by fans.



Fans’ rankings of their favourite IPL teams demonstrate the depth of their devotion to the competition. All of the IPL’s passionate fans, whether they root for the Mumbai Indians’ sea of blue or the Chennai Super Kings’ yellow brigade, contribute to the tournament’s unique character. Their persistent support makes the stadiums a hive of activity, ensuring that the IPL will always be more than a cricket event but a festival of friendship and loyalty.