Indian Food Bloggers on Instagram: Culinary Adventures Unveiled

Journeys of 8 Indian Food Bloggers


Instagram has exploded in popularity as a place for foodies and bloggers to talk about their latest dishes, travel to new restaurants, and sources of inspiration in the kitchen. Instagram food bloggers in India, a country with a wide range of cultures and cuisines, provide an exciting window into the world of their creations. Let’s go on a delectable gastronomic vacation by following the Instagram accounts of eight Indian cuisine bloggers.

Vijayalakshmi Vikram

Vegans seeking South Indian-inspired dishes need look no further than Vijayalakshmi Vikram’s Instagram page. She creates fantastic, healthy, plant-based dishes. Her innovative presentation of recipes on her feed is a big part of its appeal. In addition, he supports the idea of adopting indies by appearing in images and videos with her beloved indie dog.

Uma Raghuram

Uma Raghuraman, a mother and a passionate chef, is one of the most followed Indian cuisine bloggers on Instagram. Her inspiration for the business came from her desire to help others through nutrition and promote a healthy way of life.

Uma creates tantalizing Indian meals with the right flavour, nutrition, and presentation to make anyone long for mom’s cooking. Her reels are engaging and straightforward; she presents them step-by-step using a hand-held chalkboard.

Deeba Rajpal

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Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh Bhatia is a popular New Delhi-based culinary influencer and self-taught baker. The 26-year-old offers tasty and unique recipes for a variety of baked goods.

Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita Singh, one of the most popular Indian food bloggers, created her popular YouTube channel, Kabita’s Kitchen, as a side project. She eventually gained a large following thanks to the accessibility of her Indian-inspired dishes for novice cooks.

She also has a sizable online following because of the videos and GIFs she often shares on Instagram with her recipes and cooking advice. Moreover, she follows the latest developments and suggestions from her fans.

Ranveer Brar

Ranveer Brar has committed his life to his passion for cuisine, first as the youngest executive at a five-star hotel and now as the host of his show. The celebrity chef with five million YouTube subscribers and over a million Instagram followers shares his dishes and cooking advice in the most interesting way possible. He’s been working in the culinary industry for almost twenty years, and he never stops adapting to new ideas while staying faithful to his distinctive approach.

Archit Agarwal

Food, travel, and photography enthusiast Archit Agarwal began his blogging career to document his most memorable trips and dishes. His Instagram profile features mouthwatering visuals of his culinary creations and straightforward voice-over explanations. Cold brew coffee, chocolate brownies, quesadillas, and more can all be easily made thanks to his recipes.



Indian food bloggers have taken advantage of the popularity of Instagram as a place to discuss their views on the country’s diverse culinary scene. These eight Indian food bloggers provide an exciting and varied look at Indian cuisine, from traditional family recipes to cutting-edge fusion creations.

Foodies can learn to appreciate the depth and breadth of India’s culinary tradition from their breathtaking feeds and captivating narratives. As you peruse their meals, get ready to be whisked away on a fantastic gourmet experience honing the craft of cooking and the pleasure of eating.