Everything You Need to Know About Chandrayaan-3 (2023)

Written by Akash Rai
Chandrayaan-3 (2023)


Would you believe it? India’s Chandrayaan-3 has landed safely & softly on the moon’s surface. It was launched on 14th July 2023, so it is a complete one-month journey. We got to know from the ISRO report that Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter and Chandrayaan-3’s lander module both can now talk to each other. The benefit to this communication would be a cakewalk process to control the lander. Chandrayaan-3’s lander landed on the Moon around 6:04 p.m. on August 23, 2023

Live Tracking of Chandrayaan-3 for people?

As everyone was excited to track Chandrayaan-3, you must have visited the official website of ISRO. It highlighted the real-time update of landing to all. Moreover, there were multiple YouTube channels that allowed you to track the status of Chandrayaan-3 in real time. ISRO also suggested many people to keep themselves on the Facebook page of ISRO to LIVE updated & feeds.


Why do they Choose Only 23rd August to Land?

This is a question to ponder over.
After researching thoroughly, we got to know the date marks the commencement of the Lunar Day which is equivalent to 14 Earth Days on the Moon’s South Pole. Interesting!

The scientists also mentioned that the daytime of the moon begins from the South pole and the benefit would be helping the Spacecraft to use sunlight to charge batteries. There are multiple mission tasks and it can be accomplished only if the Lander’s batteries are charged.

Do you Know About the Plan B of Chandrayaan-3?

Many have dropped comments on various websites that, what if Chandrayaan-3 was a failure? Are you also in the same boat? If the answer is yes, then we guess you are not aware of the statement of the SAC Director. He said the module’s landing was decided to take place on August 27th 2023 if it failed on 23rd August 2023. In short it was Plan-B.

List of Countries that made successful landing on the Moon

If you are clueless about which other countries have worked on this mission and achieved success then below key points will help you to seek information.

1. The first country was Russia (earlier USSR) which won this mission of Lunar landing on 12th September 1959. The project name was Luna-2

2. The second country in the race was the United States who started the Apollo program. Apollo 11 in July 1969 was the first program when Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon.

3. China has also made history and in 2013, they also got a successful lunar landing on the moon. The program name was Chang’e 3.

4. The fourth is now India which achieved this mission on 23rd August 2023. Well, yes they are number one as well to land on the South pole of the moon.

Big Difference Between Chandrayaan-2 and Chandrayaan-3

1. Chandrayaan-2 only had three primary components i.e. orbit, lander, and rover. Chandrayaan-3 only has a lander and a rover.

2. Chandrayaan-3 is carrying small scientific instruments whereas Chandrayaan-2 didn’t have that.

All ISRO Members Who Worked Hard for This Mission

Without any doubt, it’s a whole team effort to make this almost impossible mission possible. Firstly, we will congratulate all the members who did their best in making India so proud.

Let us share the five masterminds behind this mission:
1. S Somanath: He is the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization
2. P Veeramuthuvel: He is the Project Director of Chandrayaan-3
3. Kalpana K: She is the Deputy Project Director of Chandrayaan-3
4. M Sankaran: He is the Director of U R Rao Satellite center
5. M Vanitha: She is the Deputy Director of U R Rao Satellite center

What is the Role of Chandrayaan-3 After Landing on the Moon?

This is important to note. The mission is not just to land on the South pole of the moon, but also to do multiple things. To know those work, keep reading-

1. Chandrayaan-3 will be unstoppable as it keeps functioning for two weeks.

2. It will conduct various tests, entailing spectrometer examination of the lunar’s surface.

3.After reaching the moon, it will deploy the side panel of the Vikram lander.

4. After completing four hours, Pragyan of 6 wheels with the ISRO Logo and National Flag of India will descend from the Lunar surface.

5. The role of the rover behind by utilizing navigation cameras. Why? Just to survey the lunar surface.

6.The payloads will be delivered by the rover’s equipment to provide crucial information about the moon.

Who is the Rocket Woman of India now?

Do you know about it? If no, here we go:

You may have heard about Dr Ritu Karidhal Shrivastava who is now popular by this name due to her incredible contribution to ISRO’s mission, including Chandrayaan-3.

She was born in Lucknow, on 13th April 1975 and she joined the ISRO in 1997 with a degree in Physics from Lucknow University.

Dr Ritu Karidhal Shrivastava was also a part or you can say she was the Mission Director of Chandrayaan-2. One of her biggest achievements was getting the “Young Scientist Award” from APJ Abdul Kalam.

All Stocks that Reach High After Chandrayaan-3 Success

Those who love the share market and your day starts and ends with research on stocks and investment come to the right place. After Chandrayaan-3’s success, multiple stocks are giving green signals to investors to put their money and get good profit. Do you know about it?

Larson and Toubro: Share Price is 2638.40
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited: Share Price is 3900.00
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited: Share Price is 105.15
Paras Defense and Space Technologies: Share Price is 759.00
Walchandnagar Industries Limited: Share Price is 97.95

Key Details of Chandrayaan-3 Budget

Behind every success, there is a lot of hardwork and investment too. If you want to know the Chandrayaan-3 budget, then let us inform you that the whole investment was Rs 615 crore (USD 75 Million). Additionally, the budget was actually lower than the Chandrayaan-2 budget because Chandrayaan-2 helped to reduce the cost of the Chandrayaan-3 project.

If you compare this budget with the previous missions, Chandrayaan-1 budget was of INR 386 Crore and Chandrayaan-2 budget was of INR 978 Crore.

What is the Next Mission of ISRO?

We don’t know whether you would believe it or not that ISRO has announced a long list of missions and now they will focus on Aditya-L1 which would be the 1st space Indian observatory to study the sun.

Date of Launching?
It is expected to launch at the beginning of September 2023 and the budget would be 378 crores.