Boat Wireless Headphones: Cheap and Best Bass Headphones

Written by Akash Rai


The boAt Rockerz is an excellent choice when looking for inexpensive wireless earbuds. They’re competitively priced at Rs 1,299 and packed with features like 30 hours of battery life, USB-C charging, voice assistant support, and multi-point connection. The headphones are well-made and a great fit for most ears. However, bass lovers and enthusiasts will enjoy the sound quality the most.

The specifications

The Boat name is printed on both of the ear cushions. The right one features three buttons with a neon green coating. These headphones’ play/pause and power controls are on the central button. You may adjust the volume and skip to the next or previous song with the other two buttons.

These headphones have a Micro-USB charging port and a blue blinking LED light that indicates when they are successfully associated with an electronic device. The same LED turns red during charging. Only the microphone is housed in the left earpiece.

The headphones also have an auxiliary input, located next to the Micro-USB connection, for usage with an auxiliary cable. This comes in handy when the power is low or when you need to use a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth as the source.


Perfect fit for bass lovers

Some people may find the neon green finish on the ear cups and headband cushion (a nice touch at this price) flashy. Grey plastic was used to finish the headband and earcups, while metal was used for the slide bar. After weighing the benefits and drawbacks, we can confidently recommend it to anyone who wants deeper bass. You can use it on the go, even while jogging, and not worry about it opening accidentally. The band’s featherweight design is a bonus. The audio was subpar, unfortunately.

Power life

When you turn on the Boat Rockerz 400, you’ll be prompted verbally: “Powering on, you’ve plugged into nirvana.” You’ll hear, “You are now connected to Boat Rockerz 400” when you’ve successfully paired your device with the headphones. If you hold the power button for a while, the device will say, “Adios amigo, powering off.” These headphones would benefit greatly from a simplified system of beeps to update users on their current state.

The manufacturer claims a battery life of 8 hours. However, we got 9 hours when playing music nonstop. It took almost 2 hours to fully charge the headphones, which aligns with the manufacturer’s stated charging time. The charge status is shown by a red LED light, which turns off after the device is fully charged. Fast charging is not an option.

Wrapping up

However, the product has tried to provide the best features possible for the price. These funky headphones in your ears will make you look different from everyone else. This is a must-buy for bass lovers out there.