Apple’s Exclusive Store Opens in Mumbai

Written by Akash Rai


Apple’s first flagship shop in India opened unexpectedly to the public on a day before the scheduled announcement of its grand opening date. In the Bandra Kurla Complex’s Jio World Drive shopping mall, Apple BKC stands tall above the crowds of curious onlookers and potential buyers. Apple BKC’s voluminous and organically inspired design has been handed to Foster + Partners.

Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), where the shop is situated, is the city’s cultural, commercial, and tourist nerve centre. The store’s purpose extends beyond merely providing visitors with an opportunity to browse Apple products; it will also educate them on the features and capabilities of those items.

Spacious and Unique Store

The 8-meter-tall glass façade of the flagship shop is surrounded by verdant vegetation on all sides, creating the illusion of an uninterrupted passage between the store’s spacious interior and its natural surroundings. The flagship store’s interior features a row of ficus trees, representing the store’s overarching theme of bringing the outdoors in. These natural marvels strengthen Apple BKC’s connection to its manicured surroundings and encourage customers to take their time while shopping there.

Together, Apple and Foster + Partners create a community hub. A big open area called “The Forum” inside Apple BKC serves as a classroom and event venue with a video wall. The towering feature wall, meant to evoke Apple products’ boxes, is draped in white acoustic fabric.

The staircase designers gave the latticed stairs an escalator-like appearance by covering them with stainless steel on the sides and installing two 14-meter-long glass balustrades. According to Foster + Partners, Apple’s distinctive design philosophy combines handcrafted components and local materials to create a unique retail experience.

Apple’s business expansion plan in India

Apple hopes to increase its manufacturing and sales in the South Asian region, so it has opened its first store there in Mumbai. “Greetings, Mumbai. Our first store in India is almost ready to open its doors to you. And excited to see what you come up with at Apple BKC’s newest campus.

Foxconn, Apple’s largest supplier, has also expressed interest in growing its business in India. Since last November, the vendor has been actively employing new staff and making new investments nationwide. Several investment plans have been announced by the corporation for the country.

There have been rumours that the IT giant may open its first store in India, but only if there are no local competitors. Apple made a similar request to the Reliance Jio World Drive Mall in Mumbai, requesting that a maximum of a dozen brands be allowed within 100 feet of their store.

Wrapping up

Apple has been in India for almost 25 years and hopes to keep expanding there. With the establishment of Apple BKC, the business is showing that it is serious about fighting with its Chinese rival in the South Asian market. In addition, Apple will soon launch a second retail location in New Delhi; further details will be provided later.