All about Beyonce’s Complicated ChildBirth

Written by Arti

Born on 4th september, 1981 in Houston, USA, Beyonce is hailed as the “Queen of Pop.” Known for her breakthrough performances and singing talent, she has achieved  alot in young age. She has garnered fame because of her singing talent.

She received a lot of fame for her group performance in “Destiny’s Child,” and her solo career too. She has given a lot of breakthrough performances throughout her career.


But, there were many times when she had to undergo a lot of low moments too. She is a fearless lady who faced a lot during her child’s birth. After giving birth to twins through Caesarean section last year, Beyonce said she was listening more to her body and advocated for wider acceptance of naturally curvy shapes.


What Difficulties did Beyonce face?


Beyoncé has stayed mum ever since the birth of her twins, Rumi and Sir, for over a year. The actress discusses the difficulties she encountered when giving birth to her youngest children and how she has learned to love her body again after bearing children.


Being a mother was a vocation. Beyoncé got a crystal clear message. It was music to the expectant mother’s ears when the singer and her husband instantly connected when she was in labour with their first child. Beyoncé was able to draw strength from her loved ones, especially her husband Jay-Z, and fully experience the joy and anguish of the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy.


Beyoncé said she didn’t feel “quite right” in her body after the operation. Even after the complications and temporary removal of organs, Beyonce still recalls that time and thanks god for her well-being.


How did she Cope with it?


During her rehabilitation, she spent time and energy on self-care and affection and “embraced being curvier.” Unlike her recovery from giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter in 2012, she took it easy this time. Bey admitted that she gave in to societal norms around her post-baby image by putting pressure on herself to lose all the baby weight in three months.


Beyoncé elaborated on her goal of encouraging others to appreciate their physical selves. She emphasized the need for men and women to recognize and celebrate their inherent attractiveness. This is why I didn’t use elaborate hair or makeup for this session.


Her Words and struggle sum it all up!


In her words: “I’m not in a hurry to get rid of my baby pouch. I believe that to be true. When I’m ready, I’ll crank on the beast mode and work hard in the gym until I see results. But, I feel an instantaneous connection with my tiny FUPA.”


Wrapping Up


She felt a lot of insecurity during her childbirth journey. Beyonce always reminds the time when her childbirth was complicated and involved so many rigorous things. But, she rose above all the hindrances and showed her true spirit.