Alia Bhatt Spotted Rocking a Baggy Cutout Denim Jacket

Written by Arti
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The talented and fashionable Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt always manages to set the latest fashion trends. She was seen at the airport recently, sporting a new and exciting outfit. Alia was spotted exhibiting her flawless style in a wide denim jacket with cutouts, which has since become a fashion trend. Let’s dissect Alia’s airport outfit and investigate the forward-thinking decisions that have made her a style star.

Alia’s Edgy Airport Style

Alia Bhatt is a Bollywood star who can play a variety of roles and wear a wide range of looks with ease. Her airport attire has always sparked debate among style experts, and this time was no exception. The actress was photographed wearing a slouchy denim jacket with cutouts, which immediately became a fashion trend.

● Stylebook: The jacket’s unconventional cutouts gave Alia’s outfit a modern edge. The jacket’s roomy cut made for a casual, carefree mood without sacrificing any of the jacket’s chic refinement. The denim jacket is a classic piece of clothing, but Alia gave it a contemporary spin by adopting the baggy and cut-out trend.

● Chic Look: Alia looked chic and put together by contrasting the attention-grabbing jacket with a plain white tee and black leggings. Her self-assurance in sartorial exploration was fully displayed as her denim jacket stole the show from the rest of her understated ensemble. Alia looked elegant and put together in her airport attire, which included white sneakers and simple jewelry.

● Style Icon for many: Alia Bhatt is a style icon because of her trendsetting sense of fashion and ability to pull off unexpected looks easily. She’s done it again: by choosing the baggy cut-out denim jacket, she’s started a trend that will undoubtedly influence fashion designers.


Alia Bhatt’s outfits at the airport, especially her recent appearance in a baggy cut-out denim jacket, never fail to make headlines. The actress easily wore the cutting-edge garment, giving the fashion world a dose of her unique style. Alia’s ability to try new things and be comfortable in her skin has made her a style star. Fans and fashionistas following her style transformation anticipate her next bold fashion move and the subsequent trends she will set with great anticipation.