Ace Your Grooming Game Like Aryan Khan

Written by Sumit Garg

Celebrities galore showed up for the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) launch at Mumbai’s Jio World Centre.

The dreams project of Nita M Ambani is “the coming of age for India and the beginning of a new era for arts and culture.” Many famous people were spotted, from businessmen to Bollywood stars to politicians to Hollywood stars.

But, Aryan Khan looked super dapper and pepped up for the show. Decked up in a black and purple combination, he made the best impression on the red carpet. But what is the secret behind his super dapper grooming? Check it out here.

1. Do Some Nighttime Skin Prep

In most cases, the skin takes time to respond to treatments. It takes some time for a man’s skin to recover its natural oils after a shave. The same happens when you settle on a facial washing and care routine.

Scrubbing, exfoliating, using a face mask, and moisturizing are all common parts of this practice. You will never succeed if you wait until the last minute, such as a few hours before the party, to do this. It’s best to start a skincare routine well in advance of the event so that you can see the benefits.

Do some exfoliating, massage your skin, wear a face mask, and wash your face. Put on a great moisturizer before turning it in for the night. It has been observed that you get even better benefits when you wash your face right before night.

2. Morning shaves are the best

You can shave in the morning to go clean-shaven for the event while maintaining a rugged appearance. You won’t look like you’ve freshly shaved because most men get their afternoon shadow when they shave in the morning.

You can, however, shave a few hours before the event if you want to appear as clean-cut as you would after a shower. The answer lies in the style you wish to achieve.

Keep your beard if you like it; get it trimmed and gelled for a polished, businesslike appearance. Shave a few days before the event if you want a stubble.

3. Keep a Clean Scent

At gatherings like parties and business meetings, first impressions are everything. When meeting new individuals, a strong initial impression is of utmost importance.  You don’t want to arrive at the event smelling awful or worn out from the day. Therefore, if you’ve been working up until the event, it’s recommended that you head back home, take a shower, and change into a fresh outfit before heading out.

Closing lines

Make sure you smell fantastic by applying cologne before heading out to the party.  This will not only help you make a good impression but also give you a boost of self-assurance. If you can’t change at home, you can always freshen up with some deodorant or perfume you brought along. Amp up your style game with these quick tips.