5 Latest Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Surgery

Written by Sumit Garg
  Latest Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Surgery


We have seen a copious amount of cases where if a person loses hair then he/she will go for hair transplant surgery. Are you also planning to contact the best hair consultant for this? We believe you must read this blog till the end. Here we are going to enlist the disadvantages of hair transplant surgery that no one knows yet.

The surgery started gaining popularity in the mid-90s with the help of elliptical donor harvesting. Anyways, we will let you know about this on some other days. This blog is a complete guide to hair transplant disadvantages.
1:Hair Shedding

Hair Shedding:

If a person goes and comes home with successful hair surgery, he/she thinks that hair will grow and become thicker. Right? The actual fact is they will first connect with hair fall first. This complete process is renowned as shedding. Do you know why it happens? The roots get intact and the hair falls.


When you go for a follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction, you will get the experience of nicks and cuts. Yes, that is true! De facto, blood loss is common here. This is why many professional doctors recommend patients go for blood thinning medicines before coming for hair transplant surgery. You should also tell doctors if you are facing any bleeding-related problems. In short, bleeding is another disadvantage of hair transplant.


This FUE or FUT surgical process means you can get the experience of pain for sure. We also have seen many patients face pain even after the hair transplant surgery. If you contact any well-versed doctor for this surgery, he/she will recommend some best painkillers to minimize pain. You can also take paracetamol to reduce pain.


It does not matter whether you contact a beginner doctor or professional healthcare consultant for your hair transplant surgery, the chances are very high of facing infection problems. There are rare cases or you can say almost nill where a person does not face infection problems after the surgery. Also, doctors use top-tier medical facilities, but still, patients face infection problems.


Do you know Itching is one of the most common demerits of hair transplant? The majority of people are high in facing itching after surgery of a hair transplant. Did you know why it takes place? Let us inform you the reason is the formation of scabs at the transplant site. But you don’t need to worry because the blog will help you. The optimal solution is to keep spraying over the grafts and wash the scalp with a mild. You can also take medication shampoo as the doctor suggests after completing one-week surgery for a hair transplant.



We know many have told you about safe hair transplant surgery, but if you are planning to meet any doctor for your surgery you should be aware of some of its common disadvantages that you can face. You can also meet with the situation of numbness, scarring, cysts, etc.