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WhatsApp's Channel Feature

WhatsApp officially introduced the "Channels" feature to the world. The update was met with excitement and curiosity as users eagerly explored this new dimension of the app.

Enhanced directory

The channels are offered to users based on their countries. They can also view channels that are new, most active and popular based on the number of followers.


The existing feature has been extended to WhatsApp Channels as well. Users can react using emojis. How they will react will not be shown to other followers.


This feature will soon be available to admins. They will be able to make changes to their updates for up to 30 days, after which WhatsApp automatically deletes messages from its servers.

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WhatsApp Edit Features

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Whenever users forward an Update to chats or groups it will include a link back to the channel so people can find out more.

WhatsApp Channels handle privacy

The company's feature allows users to follow channels without sharing their phone numbers to any new people who are not in your contact.

Specific Features

WhatsApp is also offering users a way to 'customise' the channel. You can do so by adding a description and icon.

Grateful for your time!

My AI Chatbot is now available globally, while Snapchat also introduce new AI and AR features.