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WhatsApp Introduces: Screen Sharing During Video Calls

Exciting News! WhatsApp now lets you share your screen during video calls.

Learn How WhatsApp's New Screen Sharing Feature Works!

WhatsApp users can now seamlessly share their phone screens during video calls, enhancing collaboration and interaction.

Meta CEO's Announcement

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, revealed the exciting additions to WhatsApp, emphasizing their commitment to innovation.

How to use it?

During the video call, look for the screen sharing icon, usually represented by a square or rectangle with an arrow pointing upward. Tap on this icon to initiate screen sharing. WhatsApp will ask for permission to capture your screen. You'll need to grant this permission for the feature to work. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable screen sharing.

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Real-Time Visual Sharing

Screen sharing enables users to display photos, videos, documents, and apps instantly, elevating communication to a new level.

Virtual Teamwork

The screen sharing feature facilitates remote work by allowing colleagues to review documents or discuss projects visually, regardless of their location.

Privacy Controls

WhatsApp ensures privacy during screen sharing, allowing users to choose which content to share, maintaining a secure and personalized experience.

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