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New My AI feature on Snapchat

My AI chatbot is now available globally, while Snapchat also introduces new AI and AR features.

Talk to AI

You can talk to the AI and ask them about anything. They will give your answers promptly.

Customise them

You can even customise their Avtar and add background chat wallpaper too.

Safety standards

Since the AI chatbot's debut, the business has worked to add age filters to keep responses more appropriate for their target audience and moderation technology to weed out potentially hazardous content.

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China-India switch

Apple is diversifying its revenue and supply chains from China.

Integrating with parental control

The platform is getting ready to integrate My AI into its in-app parental control tool, Family Centre, so that it can monitor kids' online activity.

Audience backlash

But My AI, which appears in their app without their knowledge or permission, hasn't exactly won over many Snapchat users.

Negative reviews

Following the chatbot's introduction to Snapchat's larger user base, the app's unfavourable ratings have increased as a result of an increase in social media complaints.

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