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A New Move From An Indian Startup

In India, the idea of driverless cars is in its infancy. However, an Indian startup has made the first move, showing off India's first autonomous vehicle. Minus Zero, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup in Bengaluru, has unveiled a toaster-like autonomous vehicle called zPod.

How does it work?

The zPod autonomous vehicle boasts a combination of cameras and sensors that allow it to operate in any weather or terrain. The lack of a steering wheel is one of the most striking characteristics of the Minus Zero Zpod.

Loaded with Level 5 Autonomy

Instead, it uses a network of high-resolution cameras in key locations to monitor and analyze the road and traffic ahead. The company claims that its self-driving vehicle can be upgraded to the maximum possible level of autonomy, known as Level 5. Level 5 autonomy means the vehicle can drive itself with no human intervention.

Camera and Sensory Technology

The zPod's suite of cameras and sensors can take pictures of its surroundings in real time and send them to the AI system.

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Setting high standards

Minus Zero's zPod stands apart from other global autonomous vehicles since it uses camera technology rather than expensive sensors.

Monitored Mobility

The company behind zPod claims it is suitable for mobility within a contained and monitored environment such as a campus or a large residential complex at this time.

Turning vision into reality

"With true vision autonomy coming to the fore, one can make autonomous vehicles a reality, solving major pain points of the mobility paradigm," said CEO Gagandeep Reehal

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