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New service for customers

Bank of Baroda allows customers to withdraw cash from ATMs without utilizing physical cards using the UPI.

What is ICCW?

(ICCW) is a new service from the public lender Bank of Baroda

Withdrawals are made easy through UPI

Customers can use the ATM's touchscreen to select "UPI Cash Withdrawal" and enter the desired withdrawal amount. The screen will display a QR code.

How to withdraw money using UPI?

The financial institution added that the consumer could withdraw the money from the ATM by scanning the QR code using a UPI app that supports ICCW and then authorizing the transaction with their UPI PIN on the mobile phone.

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Inactive Accounts Not Logged in for 2 Years

To maintain account security and data integrity, our platform enforces a policy to delete accounts that have not been logged in for a period of 2 years.

First Public Bank with UPI withdrawal on ATM

Bank of Baroda is "the first public sector bank to launch this service," allowing its customers and those of other participating issuer banks to withdraw cash from an ATM with BHIM UPI, bob World UPI, or any other UPI application.

Customers can choose multiple accounts

Customers can choose which of their linked bank accounts is debited using the ICCW feature if their UPI ID is associated with multiple accounts.

Daily limit

There is a daily limit of two withdrawals per account, and the maximum withdrawal is Rs 5,000.

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