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Get verified in 699 per month

For a monthly fee of Rs 699, Meta now offers its verified account service in India; a web version is coming shortly.

Verified membership services launched

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, announced on Wednesday that it had launched its verified service in India at a monthly membership price of Rs 699 for mobile apps.

Subscription rate for iOS and Android

You may buy Meta Verified from India's Instagram and Facebook app stores. A monthly subscription for iOS and Android costs Rs 699.

The subscription price for web

The business announced plans to offer a monthly subscription service on the web for Rs 599 in the coming months.

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How to get verified?

Verifying your identity using a government-issued ID requires access to paid features on Facebook and Instagram. The protected and supported account has anti-impersonation features thanks to the verified profile.

Expanding the subscription biz in India

Since the preliminary testing of Meta Verified across multiple nations yielded positive findings, we have decided to expand our investigation to India. In addition, Meta promised that confirmed badges awarded in the past would be maintained.

Prerequisites for getting verified

Minimum account activity, such as a posting history, is required, and applicants must be over 18. Applicants must provide a government-issued picture identification card with the same name and photo as the applicant's Facebook or Instagram page.

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