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Accounts not logged in for 2 years will be deleted

Gmail messages, Calendar events, Drive, Docs, and other Workspace items, along with Google Photos backups, will all be deleted in addition to the email account becoming unreachable.

What about Google accounts with YouTube?

Google does not currently have any plans to deactivate accounts that have YouTube videos.

When will Google start deleting the account?

At the earliest, in December 2023, Google will begin erasing dormant accounts in a "phased approach," starting with "accounts that were created and never used again.

Rolled out carefully

The business is "going to roll this out slowly and carefully."

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Not for free institution accounts

While this does not apply to Google Accounts run by a business or institution, it does apply to free Google Accounts.

Restriction on these accounts

There is already a distinct two-year sign-in and usage restriction for Google Photos. Accounts that have active Play Store subscriptions, such as Google One or accounts for third-party apps, are regarded as active.

Set up a recovery account

Google now advises users to set up a recovery email and directs them to the Inactive Account Manager so they may choose "what happens to their account and data when it becomes inactive for up to 18 months."

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