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A beautiful young face from the slums

Maleesha is a teenage model known for her beauty and breakthrough roles in the modeling industry.

What's so unique about her?

She hails from Asia’s largest slums, Dharavi. Despite all the odds, she garnered immense fame and a name in the industry.

Modeling career

Maleesha became a brand ambassador for Forest Essentials and the Yuvati Collection.

Discovered by the Hollywood actor

Robert Hoffman discovered Maleesha. He later set up the fund me page and Instagram page for her.

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Hollywood movie offers

She recently bagged two Hollywood movie offers. She is about to debut shortly.

Graced leading magazine

Maleesha is known for her beauty and event graced several cover pages.

A true story of ambition

Her life is no less than a story of ambition and passion. She aims to achieve more and make a career in the movies.

Grateful for your time!

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