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Heartbreak at WTC 2023: India's Unforgettable Loss

The World Test Championship (WTC) 2023 will forever be etched in the memories of Indian cricket fans as a moment of profound disappointment. Despite displaying immense talent, resilience, and dedication, the Indian cricket team faced an unexpected loss during the championship.

Trophy drought since 2013

India has reached the finals of four major ICC tournaments since 2013's Champions Trophy victory but has yet to win.

Fan support soars after WTC 2023 loss

Fans continue to rally behind the team, expressing encouragement, admiration, and solidarity. They understand that victories and losses are part of the game, and their support remains steadfast, inspiring the players to persevere. Together, the team and its fans embark on a journey of resurgence, driven by their shared passion for the sport.

Rohit Sharma’s words on WTC

Rohit Sharma stated that the experienced batters did not perform up to expectations in the ICC WTC final against Australia. I would like to play the three-Test match series for the WTC Final. We worked hard and we fought but we played just 1 game. I think a three-match series would be ideal in the next WTC cycle."

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"Aaron Finch" shares his perspective on Rohit Sharma's statement

I think it’s just the reality of the scheduling and the time constraints on fixtures at the moment. I’ve got no issues with it, I think if it’s drawn out over three Tests, what happens if a team gets annihilated? It becomes a bit of a waste of time.

Pat Cummins' direct response to Sharma's proposal

"We already won the WTC title. Not only 3-match series for WTC final, there could be 16-match series too. Players win medals in Olympics with just one final."

Sunil Gavaskar's Words

Sunil Gavaskar on Sunday slammed the Indian batters after they collapsed inside one session and lost the World Test Championship (WTC) final by 209 runs against Australia at the Oval. “The batting was shambles today. It was just ridiculous what we saw today. Especially the shot making.

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