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first lunar eclipse of 2023

People are preparing to observe the first lunar eclipse of 2023. It will take place on May 5.

India's Visible Eclipse

Stargazers can witness this event in India easily. People from Asia, Australia, Russia, Central and Eastern Africa, and Antarctica will also witness this rare incident

celestial event will occur

The celestial event will occur on May 5 this year, starting at 8:44 pm and ending at 1:01 am on May 6. At 10:52, people can witness the peak of the lunar eclipse.

Earth moves before the Moon and Sun

The lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves before the Moon and Sun. On the other hand, a Penumbral Eclipse is more subdued and happens when the Moon enters the lighter outer part of the Earth's shadow.

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Royal Observatory Greenwich's

You require keen vision and close attention to watch the eclipse. You can view it online on the 'Royal Observatory Greenwich's YouTube channel.

Astronomy Delight

Join astronomers and enthusiasts alike in observing this celestial spectacle, marveling at the wonders of the universe.

Astronomy Enthusiasts Rejoice

Calling all stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts! The first lunar eclipse of 2023 presents a remarkable opportunity to indulge in the wonders of the cosmos.

Grateful for your time!

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