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Youngest Everest Climber

6 year old is the youngest to climb Mt. Everest Base Camp. Arishka Laddha, a six-year-old from the city of Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is the first Indian girl of any age to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

The camp's elevation is above 5 km (almost 17,500 feet).

Arishka and her mom, Dimple Laddha, went on a 15-day trip.

The girl's mother, Dimple, explained what happened?

Saying that the trip was completely unplanned. She said that specialists warned her to take her daughter at her own peril because, normally, only children over the age of 12 attempts to reach the base camp.

"I want to climb Everest Summit," she gushed to the newspaper.

The youngster shared her aspiration to summit Everest. She gushed to the newspaper. Her mom Dimple was in agreement and mentioned giving her some professional training. If things go well on her end.

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Top of Mount Everest

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Inspiring the Next Generation

This extraordinary achievement by a six-year-old sends a powerful message to young individuals everywhere that age should not limit their dreams.

Creating a Legacy

The youngest climber to reach the Mt. Everest Base Camp has etched their name in history, leaving a lasting legacy of courage and determination.

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