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Historic Milestone for India:

Chandrayaan-3 made a soft landing on the Moon's south pole at 18:04 IST on Wednesday (August 23) under the ISRO Chief S Somanath leadership.

South Pole vs. North Pole: Choosing Where to Land:

Landing at either the north or south pole of the Moon has its benefits because there are always-shaded areas where water ice could be trapped.

Choice of Lunar Poles:

The choice of whether to land at the south pole or north pole of the Moon is likely based on things like the scientific goals of the mission, the availability of good landing sites, and the technical challenges that need to be overcome.

Landed on the South Pole:

All Space Agency are mostly interested in landing at the south pole of the Moon because water ice was found in craters that are always in the shade. Since these craters don't get much or any sunlight, the temperatures inside are very low and steady.

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Why Not the North Pole?

Even though the north pole of the Moon also has places that are always in the dark, there may be more reasons to land at the south pole than at the north pole.

Cons of Lading on the North Pole:

Landing at the North Pole could cause its own set of troubles. Because the Moon's axis is tilted, the light changes more at the north pole than at the south pole.

Landing Date and Time:

The powered fall is planned for around 5:45 pm IST on August 23, 2023, and landing is expected around 6:04 pm IST on the same day.

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