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Hindi version of Pasoori

The Hindi version of Pasoori was uploaded to YouTube a few days before it hit theatres. Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani play the film's protagonists.

Different Reactions to the Song

Listeners have had different reactions to the song. After agreeing to sing Pasoori for SPKK, Arijit Singh has explained why he did so.

The Reason ARIJIT SINGH Sang "Pasoori"

A post from a Twitter account purported to be Arijit Singh's has been shared millions of times. In response to a question from a fan on social media, the singer explained his true motivation for participating in the Pasoori Hindi adaptation.

Fans asking him about the remake

One of Arijit's online fans asked, "Can I ask one thing?" What prompted you to agree to this? It's up to you, but I wanted to know how you could have known that years before we started chatting. In response, Arijit added, "The maker has promised me a yearly fund for a school for the underprivileged (sic)."

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Arijit’s words of wisdom

'Propaganda' was another topic that Arijit brought up. We don't want to see music fans tearing a musician down. Realise this is all an elaborate ploy. The music industry may make or break a musician at will. We fight because that's what they want," he explained.

He is not depressed by the criticism

Someone urged him to keep the responses from getting him down. I know you're hurt by the feedback you've gotten on Pasoori Nu, and you probably feel bad about releasing a cover version of the song, what with how critical listeners can be.

Arijit added some more insights

But trust me, the song also has another meaning, and it's excellent," they said. 'No, no, I always knew it would react,' Arijit retorted. And I'm not even sad about it.SatyaPrem Ki Katha recently remade the Pakistani song Pasoori.

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