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When is it releasing?

Gaali se Taali tak ke safar ki yeh kahaani (This is the journey from abuse to applause)," describing Shreegauri Sawant's struggle for India's third gender in the movie Taali . The series will be released on August 15 in honor of Independence Day.

Where to watch it?

"Taali" is a groundbreaking series released on Jio Cinema, centered around transgender experiences. It delves into the challenges, triumphs, and resilience of transgender individuals, shedding light on their struggles for acceptance and identity.

Who is the Female Lead Role in the series?

The amazing actor Sushmita Sen came up with a crucial and unique problem to spread the struggles and hardships of a transgender. With powerful performances and a compelling narrative, the movie sparks meaningful conversations about inclusivity and social change.

The Bond of Reel and Real life Character

Arjun Singh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar, the film's creators, have spoken candidly about how Sushmita Sen and transgender social activist Shreegauri Sawant became friends through a "common" experience.

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The Famous dialogue from the Series

The famous dialogue from the movie is "Jo log apni asliyat dikhaane se darte hai na wo kabhi jeet te nahi hai Babu." The way of expressing the dialogue and her body language is commendable

An Amazing Concept

"Taali: Bajwaungi nahi Bajaungi '' is the true inspiration which shows that respect and love are what is required by every person eleven whether it is male, female, transgender or others.

A Fierceful Amazing Look by Sen

Sen's forceful portrayal as Sawant, the founder of the NGO Sakhi Char Chowghi Trust that advocates for safe sex and offers counseling to transgender persons, has left the internet community in awe of the teaser.

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