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The ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop by Lenovo

Lenovo Reveals ThinkBook Transparent Laptop

This week at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Lenovo showcased the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept.

ThinkBook Transparent Laptop

Meet the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop, a big 17.3-inch notebook with a see-through screen. This laptop concept includes a built-in drawing tablet.

Experience Brilliance

The main attraction is its borderless 17.3-inch MicroLED screen, allowing up to 55 percent transparency when the pixels are black and turned off.

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Vanishing Keyboard

The keyboard you see on the laptop is like magic – it's not really there, just a projection. It vanishes when you bring a stylus close or even when you step away from the laptop.

Effortless Creativity

With a special pen, users can easily switch between typing and drawing on this laptop, making creative work super efficient.

Bright and Brilliant

Micro-LED displays, like the one in ThinkBook, bring stunning colors, strong contrast, and a super bright 1,000-nit screen.

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