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Meet OpenAI's new model, Sora!

OpenAI's Latest AI Model

Meet OpenAI's new model, Sora! It can make amazing one-minute videos just by reading text prompts. It's truly impressive!

Sora Limited Release

Sora is currently accessible to internal testers, as well as a select group of artists and designers.

Sora: Detailed Scenes, Precision

Sora can create detailed scenes with many characters, specific movements, and accurate details in both the subject and background.

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Language Mastery, Emotional Characters

The model understands language well. It can read instructions and create characters with strong feelings.

Sora's safety

We're ensuring Sora's safety before introducing it to OpenAI's products. Our team collaborates with experts in misinformation, hateful content, and bias, who will rigorously test the model.

Global Engagement

We aim to connect with policymakers, educators, and artists globally, seeking to comprehend their concerns and discover constructive applications for this innovative technology.

Grateful for your time!

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