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A new India

Neerja Punia - From the ongoing auditions, the best scene was when a girl was supported and comforted by his father as he learned that his daughter was on the right path and could be successful in her life. She is the first transwoman contestant

A boy who helped but was recognized as a scammer

During his time on 'Roadies', Joginder made a startling disclosure, revealing his participation in an INR 18 crore scam. Additionally, he opened up about his support for a child suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.

A selection of the perfect fit

Pery sheetal- A girl is selected in the Roadies, which is a deserving person having excellent talent and dance skills.

A second side of the leaders

Gautam gulati- The best scene was where the leaders stated to all the participants, especially the man who disrespected him, that he was here to judge and build their future, not to hear their bullshit.

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The fight of leaders amongst themselves

The scene where Prince Narula and the other Gang Leader had a heated-up conversation, including Riya Chakravarti, as they were discussing some outside news was an argument about a girl who Prince selected.

New Signs for a Conversation

Subham chaudhary- A dumb person who cannot speak came upon this platform and expressed his views and the spirit he had inside him for participating in Roadies.

Funny Tasks in the Audition

A funny task where the participants were asked a question, and they were punished by the tools on which they were supposed to answer the questions. It was too funny for the leaders and the audience too.

Grateful for your time!

Discover the heartfelt voices of the players as they bravely express their emotions, reflections, and renewed determination following the loss at the World Test Championship 2023.