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Top Most Followed Indian Celebs on Instagram

Users have built sizable followings in India by actively engaging with their audience, and inspiring them.

Deepika Padukone: An Instagram powerhouse

Followers: 75 M (1) Deepika Padukone's success in the movies and her unique style has resonated with Instagram users, allowing her to keep a sizable following.

Narendra Modi, Influential Political Figure in India

Followers: 77 M (2) The Instagram account of Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, has many politically active followers because it provides a window into his administration, policies, and public appearances.

Alia Bhatt: The young actress and Internet sensation

Followers: 79 M (3) Alia Bhatt’s Instagram is as colourful as her career since it shows her many roles, travels, and fashion projects.

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Shraddha Kapoor: Youthful allure and Instagram fame.

Followers: 82 M Shraddha Kapoor is a favourite among young Instagram users for engaging content and cinematic updates.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas: A global icon.

Followers: 89 M Priyanka Chopra's prominent Instagram following is primarily thanks to her widespread acting, philanthropy, and fashion accolades.

Virat Kohli: the undisputed king of Instagram

Followers: 256 M The Indian cricket team is led by Virat Kohli, who has amassed the most Instagram followers in India by documenting his professional and personal life and collaborating with various companies.

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